Loft of shame Part 1

So the other day I hinted that I'd acquired some material for terrain projects, and that I'd also be sharing some of the unfinished pieces I've had kicking round for a while. Well today we're going to look at the first of these projects and one that combines both new materials and the old project.

For a many years I've been using large blocks like one one above to break up what can be a very flat table. I found this was especially true in city fight games, even though you have the building on to table top, without hills to break up the surface underneath the cities always seemed very flat.  

With this in mind when we started playing Mordheim a few years back I got to work on a whole bunch of terrain including these.
I went to town making a number of blocks and a couple of ramps, sadly I never got round to finishing them and the game fizzled out. Since then I've revisited them a couple of times but never been truly happy with what I've got. 

Oddly enough my biggest issue is that they are to wonky and lopsided, while ideal for the look of an individual one it falls down when you try placing them side by side as unsightly gaps appear.

the new materials are simple enough, a couple of sheets of thin MDF that was protecting our new kitchen worktop, and some stout cardboard corner protectors from the new cooker.

Once I've sorted the core frame out the next job will be to line the top of the ones without cobbles.

Since I realy like the cobbled look I plan to replicate it using some this. 
The pattern on a light diffuser like this makes an excellent mould for sheets of cobblestones, simply squish paper mache into it and flatten it out, then leave to dry for ages. 

once dry you can peel it off the plastic then cut into shape and glue onto terrain, with this as the unpainted result.
Once that's complete I do need to settle on some detailing but it should be cool for Age of Sigma, battling over ruined cities as well as when we eventually revisit Mordheim.

Next time I'm going to share some more of my Mordheim  WIP terrain so until then TTFN.


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