Loft of shame Part 2

So after the less interesting city block levels last time round, the next piece of terrain to show is something I'm hoping to use for AoS as I think it'll make a realy striking centrepiece to fight over.

Like the City levels I began working on this for Mordhiem after being inspired by renovation work on an old building in the high street. The plan was to match the construction methods used in a real building as closely as possible, this would then give great detail and eliminate the need for covering up a skeleton of card or foam core.

Splitting some pieces of pine cladding that had been kicking round for ages provided the structural wood, then by roughly cutting slices off a very thin sheet of ply and using matchsticks as an underlying structure I could make the slats which form the core of the walls, card has been used to begin the plaster coating.

The great thing about doing it this way is that it's so easy to do damage and have it look great, from basic damage to the plasterwork above to full blown holes like these.

Originally the cardboard would be covered in a light texture to get the finished look. Now I'm revisiting this after some time I'm thinking that I'll mix up some paper mache and just skip the card step, replicating the original plaster.

I realy enjoy making these buildings and when splitting the wood down you end up with a wide range of sizes, along with matchsticks I've played a lot with details such as windows and doors.

Work is calming down a bit this week as the system is going through customer approval, I'll be getting my first day off in 3 weeks. Along with decorating I'm hoping to get some modelling done, at the least I should manage a little bit in the evenings either assembling my AoS Sigmarines or even some minor work on my nids as I've started repairing the hive tyrant and had a play with stealer basing.

Speaking of which my 25-32mm base ring arrived and I've used the first two last night, so I'll share my thoughts on them soon.

Till then TTFN


  1. That's a great building Dan! Lotta awesome detail in it!


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