Leaders of the Pack

Last time I covered anything about my chaos army I shared my starting point for my chaos sorcerer stand in, I'm not 100% happy with him and along with the promised pictures of my chaos lord I'll go into some more detail after the break.
Now I had a plan that involved updating this guy,
Based on a metal terminator space marine captain I got for a Christmas or birthday present some years back he served me well as a Tzeench sorcerer back in 3rd ed. In need of an update I hoped to use him as a solid base for a new era of 40k.
Alas it wasn't to be. 

Now a quick side by side with the old metal captain shows that he clearly isn't big enough and would be over shadowed by the other models which isn't the worst thing and it could be explained by fluff but the newer arms would look silly on him.

So I cleaned up the plastic model and took the cloak off him as well and now it look like this.

As I write this up and look at the two pictures side by side I'm still not happy. I wonder if the cloak works better filling in and giving him more presence. For now though it works as a gaming piece but I think I'll be looking round for more insperation and digging both through my bitz box and possibly raiding the thousand sons Terminator set I have and not sure if I'll ever use.

Along with a sorcerer I need a Chaos lord with Black mace and combi Plasma to foot slog with my core of marines. Since I had 2 Kranons it seamed like a good place to start. The Combi Plasma is from the Space Marine Commander kit and an arm from a WFB Chaos Knight finished the weapon options. 

The head wasn't to difficult to dig out and obviously had to be replaced to differentiate from Kranon. While the Chaos space marine champion helmet with it's big horns was originally intended as temporary, I actually quite liked it and feel it works so well with the model so it's there to stay.

With the two characters completed I had made solid progress towards my goal of a fully coordinated army, instead of a mishmash of different units slung together from years of random model building.

This big build also included;

  • sorting out properly 2 full tactical squads including increasing Bel Zaidu's heart rippers to a full ten and swapping the Zaidu's bolter for a combi plasma.
  • Choosing a unit of 5 havocs from some older builds
  • The two units of terminators previously show.
  • Abaddon who has a little bit more work to be done.
  • And Finaly a unit of 6 chosen tooled up with plasma fun.
With the Dark Vengeance Cultists and the hellbrute this all rounded out to a 2k list and a lot of grey plastic. At least I can get games in using one case and know what I can play without having to dig through a ton of excess models.

I recently took a bunch of photos of the primed chosen so will be sharing them next time I visit the Black legion. This may even end up being next Thursday at this rate and I'm planning the next instalment for the Lord of change to be Tuesday, not sure I've managed so many posts in (6 in 4 weeks) for a long time so I hope people are enjoying them.

So until next time, once again TTFN.