I Lava this base.

Bad puns aside I was a week or so back cracking on at quite the rapid rate with the Lord of Change's base. Built and ready for paint, after the break I'll show how the fiery Lava pits and cracked earth came to life.

With a grey primer the first step was to get the brown earth back, then lay down a white undercoat on all the areas where the Lava or fire needed to be seen as hottest.
Thanks to the thick layer of Agrellan Earth the crack formed are nice and pronounced allowing me to wash over the whole lot with watered down Ceramite white.
The white areas where then Glazed yellow allowing it to pool and give the most intense colour in the recesses.
With the basics down it was once again time to use the first rock for a colour test on the lava.

Happy with the results I moved onto the other rocks bringing the lava round them through Troll slayer Orange, Fire dragon Bright and finally some Wild Rider Red. At the same time I took slight breaks from the Lava to work on the cracked earth as a tedious task I split the passes into chunks to start with.
With the 'Hot' colours finished Black was used to basecoat the lumps of 'solid' rock and worked into the smoke along with finishing the Brimstone horrors. Greys were then used to Highlight the rock lumps and tops of the smoke. The skulls where painted up and some very basic dry brush OSL was finally used on areas of earth and rocky lumps above the fire to finish off the base.

Finished Paint job from the front

Finished Paint job from the Side
Finished Paint job from the back
I'm really happy with how this came out in the end and am almost certainly going to use a number of the lessons learned here on this bad boy 
Though at the earliest it will be a few weeks before that comes to fruition.

Next time though I'll look at how the body was painted, wings attached and the test shots of the model standing on the base.
I also have the chosen Picture to show off if I get chance to write it up before Thursday.

So until whatever comes next TTFN.