I Choose You

Having revisited the black legion last week I figure that sharing the whole force as it stands isn't a bad idea, and my that's a fair amount of grey plastic.  But in the middle towards the back you can just make out the unit of six chosen. So today after the break I'll share how they where built and take a closer look.

With 8th ed's changes to combi weapons I knew I needed to have a play and since a bit of a plasma theme was developing with the Black mace lord I thought why not go full out with it to give him a solid bodyguard.
Based on the chosen from Dark Vengeance, bits from possessed and a few MkIII bits I'm happy with how this little unit has turned out.
Now I have KrautScientist to thank for his brilliant work with the chosen kit over the years, most recently his work using leftovers to build plague marines helps show just what can be done with these seemingly mono pose kits.

First up is the champion with power sword and combi plasma,
Made from MkIII legs and a chosen body I'm tempted to lean him forward a little when it comes to final basing as his back leaning pose is a little off.

The first of 2 combi plasma gunners his gun was spliced together from Kranon's plasma pistol and a second pistol for the longer plasma coils onto a chaos bolter. This time using Chosen legs the possessed kit provided a Torso, head and at least on pauldron.

2nd Combi Plasma gunner spliced together from another pair of the dark vengence legs and this time MkIII Torso and head. a simple plasma pistol mounted on to of a bolter this time but the join was covered by a toothed skull detail shaved off something.

I didn't want to go all combi weapons as they aren't exactly common. Even if these guys are a lords chosen there is limits to his armoury.
Full legs and body from dark vengeance I feel has worked well with CSM arms and a head from the possessed kit. The Plasma gun is as yet unmolested by chaos being from a loyalist kit so it may get painted in dark angle colours as recently liberated.

Much like his plasma wielding brother this one was another arm and head swap.

Lastly the bolter marine and squad bullet magnet is basically stock beyond a possible backpack swap.

The Possessed kit also provided some alternative backpacks and pauldrons for the whole squad and the chosen backpacks where swapped about. All in all they have done quite nicely on the battle field and I'm in two minds about expanding the unit to a full ten, in many ways I'm more tempted to put together a melee unit so that when I swap out Abaddon and his terminators I can have some heavy hitters maybe in a land raider.

As for the Lord of change He's very nearly finished so next week should see some more pictures of him as I progressed and maybe full pics the week after as I have a lot of individual details to share before the final reveal. So until next time TTFN