A body of change

Around working on the base the body was also completed so today I've got a quick one to share how it was finished off.

The blue skin was treated in the same way as the main blue on the wings starting with regal Blue then a drybrush a wash and finally highlights. due to wanting to avoid finger marks and rubbing the finished blue the other areas where completed after the initial drybrush and wash.
The Pink was finished first with a purple recess wash over pink horror, then highlighted up to Fulgrim pink. Then the rest of the colours where blocked out.
It was during the gold work where I changed it up a little having planned to use silver as the final highlight to get a really bright gold. Starting with Retributor Armour washed with Agrax Earthshade the first highlight is Auric Armour Gold and initially I planned to finish with Stormhost silver. But it just didn't really work for me, and went on a little heavy in places, so to test I hit it with some yellow glaze which worked well to bring back the colour to a rich antique gold.
With the gold finished the Brown bone areas where also worked on so I could use Agrax Earthshade on it at the same time as the gold. 
Next up was the gemstones and belt before finishing the blue skin and gluing the wings on.
With that all done it was onto the small parts I got a bit carried away and finished the loincloth without and pictures but don't worry I have plenty to share for the weapons and other bits next time round.

Until then TTFN