All Change

Since my last post I lost my job after the probation period didn't work out. While I wasn't happy and it wasn't the best role for me losing it was a bit of a blow which scuppered getting posts up and generally doing hobby. I also feel it's also important to talk more about mental health in the open which will explain the sudden change of direction.

For a long time I've had a tendency towards depression and after losing my job it was really kicking me in the teeth. Add this to my natural hobby butterfly (just check through the number of unfinished projects I've start on the blog) and the effort of painting an army wasn't been something I was able to face.
I did however have all of the black legion models assembled at least and can field a 2k 8th edition list. This has seen the gaming table a few times so I don't feel to bad about taking a pause from that while I sort myself out.

Now to get some Mojo back I grabbed a model that I felt like working on and got to work.

The assembled model didn't take long to put together and I even changed I few details stock model using parts from Kairos Fateweaver's options. It's a shame the head isn't more poseable as It would have been nice to follow the line of the weapons and look towards the sword.
However I didn't want this to get bogged down in conversion work and greenstuff so I've stuck with the slight compromise. Still the day I built it I moved on outside as the weather was reasonable and got both this guy sprayed, my unit of chosen and the lord with mace all nicely undercoated.

I've not got pics of the marines just yet the Lord of change was hit with a zenthial undercoat. Mostly to aid in the colour brightness but also help avoid white spots showing through in the shadows if I miss a spot.
 After taking him indoors I dismantled the sub-assemblies which had been lightly stuck together for spraying and from there it didn't take me long to block out the main colours. 
Since then I've switched to working individually on the parts, starting with the wings and then moving onto the body. As I also want to be able to glue it together as I go I moved onto his base last week in parallel and have that primed and ready for painting.
I already have loads of photos I've been sharing with friends and on bolter and chainsword so expect to see a post dedicated to the wings coming up along with the base. 

So until then TTFN