Bath Time for Baby Abaddon.

So like the butterfly I am I've flitted away a little from the Primaris. This is largely because the hotter weather has been playing up with my painting when I had chance the other week. Though typically it's now cooled off with more rain (this has been a wet year in the UK) just as I start to sink my teeth into some building. See who and what after the break. 

This all came about after I played a couple of games of 8th. When in the last one Abaddon teleported in along with a unit of melta terminators and proceeded to wreak the back line of Lester's Space Wolves.

After wiping a Predator off the table the Terminators got taken out fairly quickly, but Abaddon went on to slaughter over a dozen Space Wolves including at least 2 characters and a Dreadnought making him deserving of a new model (especially since his arms keep falling off).
So with the new codex in hand I reassessed my collection and decided that two units (one combi melta, one combi Plasma) and a sorcerer in TDA is the way to go. These will form an elite core to accompany the big man himself who will be getting the deserved upgrade.

While the Nightlord terminators above came from Ebay already painted I've had these fellas from my earlier days in the hobby in world eater colours, painted long before I combined everything into the Black Legion.

With the intention to get myself a solid terminator core I put an order in for the Chaos Lord and terminator box set along with a couple of other bit for later down the line.

It arrive this weekend and work began in earnest. First up was a mass dismembering that made my work space look like a horrific slaughter had happened,  mound of arms, heads and bodies littered the cutting mat ready fro stripping.
I obviously had to have a little play at putting Abaddon together and at least selecting the basic bits.
Even from this basic start point the size difference can be seen with the new body at least half a cm taller than the original. Mind the level of detail on the old metal is definitely better and the thighs on the plastic are actually really bad. With odd proportions and that weird left hip position and ribbed under armour, along with the lack of pistons or any detail beyond odd shaped flat bits the hips are going to need some serious work.
I also went with a standard terminator chest plate since the simpler crest wouldn't interfere with putting the original trophy racks in place. 
Still with the basic body together it was time to get a bit of a dry run at the rest.
I now have the arms selected and matched up to the metal weapons with the rest ready for the main assembly while all of the metal from the Terminators and Abaddon went for their Detol bath.
They have since come out and with the aid of some acetone nail varnish remover I now have the full metal Abaddon and all of the Terminator Bodies stripped clean.
I still have a jar of arms, trophy racks and heads sitting in acetone waiting for the final clean up.

I'll probably do that tonight so I can call it finished before moving onto the building phase  next week which I have off work.

For Abaddon I've tried to get some press moulds of his skulls and details to transfer over to the new model, at the least I want to match his chest details to the old model along with the belt in addition to sorting those rubbish legs out.

Hopefully I can get the clean up finished, the problem is that once you start on one bit it's easy to get carried away with 'just one more' until time has run out or as has been the case pack up time is long gone.

Now I've been rubbish in the past managing to fit in a post when off work so next week will likely be a bit quite, however I have big hopes for getting plenty done so at least I should have lots to share next time.

Until then though TTFN.


  1. Oh yes! New abaddon kitbash is gonna be AWESOME! He also works great at buffing back field artillery style units (like predators).

    1. Going to try to get some greenstuff on him tonight. Current list has a whole loade of mid field plasma for him to help.


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