Progress and Build part 2, Challenge 3

The other week I missed my post due to a visitor at work from our parent company, on the up side I got to skip lunch and leave at 2 instead of the normal 3 finish on a Friday, picking up white dwarf on the way. Then last week I didn't quite manage to get everything written Friday lunchtime so today I've grabbed a few moments to finish the post and after the break I'm going to look at the remaining assembled models.

When building the army the first unit I worked on was actually the Inceptors. Since their cowls cover up the top of the helmets I replaced them with Mk3 and then put the crests on top the the cowls.
The crests all used winged beasts to fit with the jumpacks and some slight pose tweaks for the arms on the two matching squad members made sure they weren't just clones.
Lastly the sergeant was given some streamers from the cowl to allow for some colour and to help him stand out. I actually built the squad before the plan for swords on unit leaders but I don't think with twin guns he needs it.

Next up with the four squads covered I can get onto the characters for the army, starting with the ancient.
Since the picture was taken there has been some greenstuff clean up but the basic form is here with the Bretonnian banner, helmet crest and pauldron shield.

For the two Lieutenants the first problem was how to handle the removed helmet of the rifle armed one.
This was handily solved by using a head with significant bionics, the intention is that he lost his orrigional helmet when he took the wound. Along with his head I also cut away his left pauldron and replaced it with one from the dark angle sprue (I think) to represent one from his original wargear. Now I'm currently waiting for the official release of something that confirms that space marines can be upgraded to Primaris so fluff may well change if that doesn't come we'll have to wait and see.

For the second lieutenant I going to have to find a better less Roman sword but he has been a bit of and experiment splicing press moulded crests to create unique options.
I still need to touch up the crest and then work on the captain but for now it's a good start.

Next time I'll be looking at the first painted models and hopefully if this week goes well (kids with sensible bed times) I might maybe even finish the first squad as I'm two models down already.
Until then TTFN