Progress and building, Challenge 2

So Getting a post a day written was technically down the list of priorities and I've obviously not managed it. But something has obviously happened as can be seen above with only a single empty base. I'm going to split it into a couple of posts so as not to be to long and after the break I'll go through the 3 core units.

I'll start with the simplest unit, which was actually my third full unit to build and the second of the Intercessor units. However it also has the simplest conversion work with the chapter shields added to the right shoulder pad read for the chapter symbol.
Along with the sergeant getting a sword at his belt.

The idea behind this unit is that they are made up of Primaris marines that where created by Crawl and served in the Indomitus crusade. Serving as one of the unnumbered sons from a mixture of genetic lines the whole squad was assigned to the Storm Paladins.  When genetic testing failed to identify a single primarch as the Paladin's sire the squads and individuals that formed strong bonds with the chapter volunteered to join them and return to their home world.

Next up is the first unit of Intercessors built and unlike the second they have a number of orrigional Storm Paladins who where elevated to Primaris marines.
The plan is to cover more background later but for the Paladins elevated parts of their old wargear have been incorporated into the new MkX armour including the individual crests and heraldry.
Now the models in the above picture had a couple of tweaks after with the stag horned marine getting a head swap.
Along with the shield on the right pauldron for the chapter symbol three of the squad have had their helmets replaced with Mk3 from the "burning of Prospero" and crests from the Bretonian Knight sprues.
Like the first squad I added a sword to the sergeant as a badge of office, partially because I was always a fan of the Storm Wardens and their Claymores and because of their association with heraldic Knights. Due to availability of parts adding one to every model was to much to achieve so I'm going with anyone of rank getting a blade.

Last up is the Hellblasters, at the front the sergeant received the antlered helm from the previous intercessor who now sports a unicorn, the small shield between the antlers was upgraded to discourage a chaos vibe from the helmet look and a second marine gained a lion crest made from a greenstuff press mould.

All in all I'm happy with how they have come out and while not everyone is sold on the crests they actually look much how I envisioned them.

Progress wise I managed to build nearly all of the models and have even painted a couple, however on returning from Falmouth I've been crazy busy. Trying to get my loft fully sorted out so I can get all my hobby stuff back from the storage locker and back where it belongs. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and things have begun to move but with that I've managed about an hour in the last two weeks.

As for posting though, changes in my job means I'm hoping to get at least one post a week going as I spend lunch at my desk surfing the net and typing away.

So until next time TTFN.


  1. I really, really like these. I think all the Primaris stuff looks so much better when given a little more detail and flourishes.


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