The Foot bones connected to the ankle bone. Daemon Knight 11

Well so February was the last time I really covered anything on the knight beyond the sneak peek above and to be honest he's not been out of his transport box, mostly I've been painting bolt actions with a few nurgle minis thrown in. Beyond a somewhat out of date look at the back and spine.
So today I though I'd try to bring everyone up to speed before delving into a long winded tutorial.

Now when I first built the knight pose some time ago (all the way back in October 2015) the intention was to have it running with arm back ready to punch something into oblivion.

However things have clearly evolved since then and thanks in part to stability and the sheer quantity of greenstuff and conversion work that has evolved over the last 20 months and a fair amount of feedback over at Bolter and Chainsword I've clearly had a rethink. Don't get me wrong I love the running pose and will definitely revisit it on a future knight (maybe around 2030).

So having scoured Ebay for a cheep and rough wraithknight I made the decision to do a full re-pose.
Now the Dino bones are kicking round my bitz box and have been since I last used them along with the tail of the Stonehorn so some tinkering later gave me this.
Now I'm very happy with this as I think it really finished up the sweep of the spine nicely, Various details where then added around the whole waist section with stages involving the building of a Sacrum round the back
and detailing the pelvis round with the addition of boney ridges and the start of some chaos markings.

Round the front the bones where encourages together to finish off a pelvis more suitable for upright walking 
which to me definitely has the beginnings of more interesting and suitable decorations.

Now there is still a lot of work to be done but next week I'm off again on work trips (Falmouth this time) and hope to get some evenings to work on this along with some other bits, at the least I'll make sure the box is in a prominent place to really nag me into some progress. I'm really exited about 8th ed and can't wait to arrange some games but for that I really should get a solid base for a force worked out and my first knight of the black ruin should do the trick nicely.

So until my next ramble and with my inconsistent posting schedule who knows when that will be? TTFN


  1. Woo hoo! A knight update! Been waiting for this! Looking so flipping awesome!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Greg I'll be getting a fair bit more done hopefully this weekend.


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