A new challenge

So I find myself once again away from home for work, but this time it's in the UK so no need for a flight and I have a hire Car through work. That means boot space which was unloaded earlier as can be seen above and a special challenge to unveil after the break

Now there are two things to note, yes that is my knight standing on the miniature box from Dark imperium, however the plague marines have been left at home for a number of reasons, including;
a) Me being a Black legion player and needing to get my stuff in order and see what I can use on the table. 
b) Wanting to get some additional stuff (blightkings for instance) to make a suitable size balance between the old models I have and the new.
c) The daemon Knight is for the blood god so I should really work on them as well. 

So I've set myself a challenge while away for approximately 3 weeks in Falmouth and as
I don't have a 'good guy' army with Chaos, Nids, Orks and some Dark Eldar in various stages of usability, yet most of my mates play Imperium or Eldar.

I've wanted space marines for some time (since playing Chaos Gate way back when) and have numerous kits ready and un-assembled and I keep buying box sets and they get packed aways to barely see the light of day.

So my plan is this,
1) Between now and heading home on friday for the weekend to build and convert up the contents of Dark imperium's Primaris marines as Storm Paladins a home brew chapter that will combine old and new and play with the friction between these new boys and the old marines.

2) Spray undercoat the lot at the weekend

3) On returning next monday start to paint up the primarius marines with a mind to have them finished before heading home on friday the 14th of July.

4) Not fail utterly.

5) do some more sculpting work on the knight and do the primarius while the GS hardens. 

6) write a summery Storm Paladin blog post each day to share the fruits of last nights labours.  

Now I've already made a start tonight as I arrived monday and am getting a selection of pictures ready, but as a little teaser these sprues feature in the conversions I'm making.

So 21 models in 21 days wish me luck and until tomorrow TTFN.