Boils and pustules (Plague marines 1)

Today I wanted to share something I've been playing with in the last week or so as a sort of run up to finishing my unit of nurglings and showing them off. 
Last time we saw this chap he looked like this and was basically declared finished after the break I'm going to take a look at some minor modifications to him.

I've been unhappy with the paint scheme for my plague marines for some time as I;ve felt they lack the contrast to make them stand out. When I came across an image of pustules on the relic new forums I had finally found my answer. Unfortunately I can't find the images anymore and I think an overhaul of the relic forums for Dawn of War III has lost the post. Still inspiration had struck.

Now the first thing I needed was a water filter cartridge and after some looking and procrastinating I dropped into my local Tesco and grabbed a single pack of these.
Now in store they are about £2.50 each so not knowing if they would have the same contents as an official BRITA one I took a punt.
Careful cutting later (as I'll be using the case for some terrain at some point) and I had a little tub like this.

Now the black bits are charcoal flecks and beyond some use as a basing material they need to be separated from the white balls that we're after.
Fortunately we can take advantage of the balls as the roll nicely and the flakes don't.
By using a long paper funnel gentle nudges with a good size brush allows for the balls to roll down while the flakes stop higher up and can be brushed out of the way. the flakes are very light so can be swept down hence the longer the gap between ile of stuff and the end the better. 
Now this is all very interesting but what do you get out of it at the end. 
When applied to a model it looks a little something like this.
As you can see there are lots of different sizes and alone they look quite good, however I chose to try and get more from the crackle effect paint and splodged some of that around the groups of pustules. 
Then trying to get the craks to stand out more against the black I painted over the crackle effect (agrellan earth) with a watered down Ceramite White before washing with the old GW red ink.
Then painting the armour again and some technical paints later and this is his final incarnation.

some layers of the nurgle's rot had a bright green added and the pustules where painted up in orange which should act as an army wide spot colour like on these guys,
I've since applied the effect to the other 6 plague marines and should have some news on them in an up coming post. But for now it's nice to get a second post in two weeks so fingers crossed I'll get the assignment due friday all sorted and able to have an evening or two doing hobby stuff next week.
Wish me luck and till next time.