While back in ol blighty, Belated Daemon Knight 7.

Damn I started to write this back in the first full week of July. Right now I'm back in Korea. While it's hot and humid as hell there are definitely some impressive sights when on the ship yard, the shear scale of industry is bonkers and I took the above on my last trip (June-July).
Fortunately the project is on its final passes and I've got some downtime while they test the system.

The good thing is that I've managed significant progress on the knight since my last post so today I can give the 1st part of quite a significant update.

Last time round it was on return to the UK that I replaced a missing post that seemed to be lost in the warp. I'd just about got the carapace spine to finished (more on that later) and had blended the head into place.

With that done I wanted to move onto the next step. Fortunately back in the UK between May and June I had some time to make progress and began to look at the smoke stacks. 
So obviously the stock models needed something, I've set out to hit every part of the kit with daemonic taint and really wanted to use the braziers from the Warshine kit. However I know KrautScientist of Khorn's Eternal Hunt discounted this on his knight as he wanted the removable carapace, something I don't need in this case. Yet after some comparison the shape a size of the brazers just don't line up well with the two exhaust pipes on each side.
The braziers them selves presented another problem for me in that they have 4 different chaos symbols on them and I want all of the Khorn...
Instant mould once more came to the rescue and just before my holiday in May I had these to play with.
Now there was (and still is) some work to to do to clean them up but I was happy with the results. The next problem was how to fix them to the model, my previous playing about with the existing exhausts showed me they are clearly incompatible. But then an idea hit me, Dinos once again had the answer.
What I needed was vertebrae instead of the piping and a more organic look, much like the Hellbrute.
A while later and I had this little set up, which was all hardened and ready to play with a the morning after. 
That evening and a quick play with superglue and a bit more greenstuff lead to the stacks getting fixed in place. 
The press moulds managed to keep enough detail that I get what I want but I definitely had a fair bit of cleaning up to do but this was opportunity to add my own flair to the process. They fit quite nicely and once so smoke and flames are added should work really well without being to big.
Now that was all finished shortly before my next trip to Korea, during the process I'd also spent a little bit of time on other areas. 
First was beginning to shape out the fist and blend in the bone fingers.
The intention is to replicate the bony ridges used on the carapace and pauldrons, I've not done much to this recently and intend to finish the torso first. 
The next area to get some more attention was the pauldron by tidying up the flayed skin stretched across the surface.
I've since managed a little more which will come in a future update. Lastly it was at this time I began work on detailing the main torso, with the intention of working my way round from the front on one side, around the back and back to the front on the other. 
With progress on these three areas just before adding the smoke stack I had a quick dry fit to see how it was all going together.
Genuinely happy with the results I've progress a fair bit more since then but for now I'm sticking to the progress between getting back in may and heading off again in June. 

I managed one last little session before heading off so I'll finish today with that. Having decided one the smoking braziers for the exhausts I gently removed a small portion of the carapace as it would let me keep it separate until I'm ready to glue it down.
With that done I could get some detail added in with some cables/piping which could be given the organic treatment later.
It's been a heck of a long time between this and my last post. Hopefully while I'm out here I can type up some more in between supporting the shipyard staff with the few remaining tweaks and fixes.
But until then I hope you enjoy seeing this update as much as I've enjoyed looking back over the last few months. let me know what you think and until next time TTFN.


  1. Oh man Dan...this is looking Freaking AWESOME

    1. Just you wait about 10 inches of greenstuff has go on sice those pics, I'm extremely happy. Mind your two Ork renegades are looking amazing, best of luck getting them ready for Nova.

    2. Thanks! I am still not 100% with my green stuff skills. Just gotta keep playing with it!

    3. Instant mould is amazing for helping with glyphs for orks. Just cast intresting things like half blade and axes. Thats how I did the bloodaxe symbol on my gorkanaught. Or just make press moulds of glyphs from other kits.

    4. Instant mould is amazing for helping with glyphs for orks. Just cast intresting things like half blade and axes. Thats how I did the bloodaxe symbol on my gorkanaught. Or just make press moulds of glyphs from other kits.


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