Spine tingling goodness. Daemon Knight 8.

Oh god no no the horror, not that sort of Tingle. 
MAKE it stop.

Sorry not sure what happened there got carried away with the puns, I suppose I better get some pictures rolling so that abomination get off the top of everyone's screen quickly. 

So last time I shared the big man it was basicaly in this state. 

with a pair of these on.
Not long before my last trip out to South Korea, I began on the next big stage, Having found the placement of the spine on the carapace I felt is ended oddly and perhaps a little close to the overhang.

so then this happened.
Since the Dino tail piece was to stiff to do what I wanted I managed to get a reasonable instant mould cast, this gave me something easier to work with than the tough hard and brittle plastic. 
Next up I needed to join it further down to the body.
Greenstuff can split quite easily (bit like bending a pencil rubber to far) so I did end up with a couple of breaks but a tiny blob of greenstuff at each one means I've got the angle right and it really looks like a continuation of the spine.

Needless to say it couldn't stay like that so that after arriving in Okpo in June I managed a couple of sculpting session to get the basic shape rouged out.
With that in place I managed a day off and a visit into town, on a mission I was specificaly looking for some hair combs exactly like these.
Which made up for my tardiness in getting hold of a cable/tentacle maker. With a bunch made up and allowed to fully cure it was back onto the knight to add some detail to that gaping wound.
After playing with the cured cables I was inspired of the next step, having tried to bridge gaps before with greenstuff it's just not that simple. 
Instead Having had a little left over I made some thin flat sections with a slight curve let them cure and then cut and fitted them with small blobs of greenstuff. This gave me a solid base to decorate to look like strands of bloody flesh linking the spine and body.
At this point the results where ugly as sin but it did help me get a feel for where it was going though thanks to curing time it was a two stage process.
The next step was to begin texturing these bits and the internal surfaces of the tear, mostly with nice simple textures and also add a bit more cable work intertwined with the ragged meat. More work was achieved and the best part of an inch of greenstuff used, the fleshy bits on the right hand side had the first layer of detail with this stage all but complete within the wound
both sides had some extra bulk added around the cables and had hollows filled ready for detailing.
With an interruption for a boat ride (sea trials for a few days) I got strait back to some sculpting on my return to land and completed the ragged meat between the main body and the spine.
Last up for the main spine and with flesh in places I just needed tidy up the dodgy cast, firstly I tidied up the Gill like vents on the back, they were still a little lop sided or my tastes so expect to see more on them later.
For the vents I built them up gently with about three batches of sculpting by this point, across the batches I also worked my way down the spine and tidied up the poorly moulded "Spinous process" ie. sticky out bony bits. Lastly I worked on some ragged skin remaining on the spinal column, helping to hide the last of the dodgy moulding and blend where the muscle stands attach.
At this point I was basically finished with the main spine and the next step has been to work round the sides of the torso, building upon the mutations I'd begun and blending the whole thing together and adding additional details such as the ragged edge of the spinal wound.

Next time I look at the knight I'll go over these areas as I've only just finished the process so I've loads more to share.

All in all I'm happy with the progress I've been making these last few months and am now well on my way to having the whole body finished. 

So Untill next time comments always welcome and it's goodnight from me 
And good night from him
Oh god why? Nintendo why???



  1. Dan....your knight is looking AMAZING. Gets better every update!! Wow!

    1. Thanks man most of the big changes are covered now. I need chance to get on with the legs once I'm back from Korea. Last time it didn't even make it out of the box it travelled in. better luck this time.


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