Body work, Daemon Knight 9

So I'm back home from Korea and Your safe from Tingle pictures today,  last time I showed how the spine along the back was mostly finished. Today After the break I have the finished body work for the torso. 

After bringing the spine to a mostly finished point I needed to begin blending in the rest of the torso, starting with the Left hand side I bulked out where mutation and corruption has spread along with fleshy piping and blending into the brazier stack. 
with this going well I focused largely on this side until I had basically finished it, adding fur for consistency with the head and neck along with a few more layers of texture ready for painting with different effects.
At this point I was back out in Korea on my latest trip and I managed a fair bit out there, I'll be sharing more later as I've been moving onto other sections but I have story to share first for those. 
However the Torso didn't get left behind and I moved onto the right had and managed to compleate that as well. 
This side has less mutation on as I do want some of the original knight showing. At this point I had to finish the braziers and flames and I still have a little work to do around the Ion Shield and the melta gun. Next time I;m going to visit the fluff again as it impacts the next stage and then I'll share that. 

Just a quick one today though so until then TTFN