Comming Alive, Daemon Knight 6

So apparently my last post was lost to the warp (or possibly the south Korean internet blocks), written up just before heading back to good ol blighty, I covered the progress I'd managed on the Knight. Fear not though for it means today I can share a bumper crop of pictures to make up for it.

Before I went away I had tacked the whole thing together to get a better idea of how it was coming along, then for transport he was promptly dismantled.
Despite the very long work days I did manage a couple of evenings to look at him, Firstly a bit of playing around with greenstuff meant I could call the flesh around the spine finished. 
I'm properly happy with this as it should give plenty of layers once painted for some great effects.

Next up was the chains, having used jewellery chains and pins before on my fantasy chaos warshrine I knew it gave a great result for heavy nails holding thick chain in place. Along with some instant mould and greenstuff it wasn’t long before I had a load of chaos stars ready to add to the hull and mark out the attachment points for the chains. Ready to go the idea was to make a Chaos star in chains across the spine splitting out, forming part of the bonding rituals that kept the daemon locked within.

Best laid plans and all that…
The first two diagonal chains didn’t really have a good place to attach both ends for the cross point to be in a good place. This lead to a bend where they meet and when trying to get the third on in place it just built up to much and looked weird, while the spine would mark the final line on the cross it didn’t look right and adding the fourth chain flat out didn’t work.
While playing with the third chain and trying to work out where I could attach it without the half sphere bits getting in the way I was hit by how it looked like a crude mark of Khorn. Five minutes later and the placing came together nicely followed by some drilling and pinning to fix it all in place.
Likewise after a similar level of pondering and looking at the model I was on board waiting for something before being allowed to continue work on our systems  and the idea struck me, a short scavenger hunt later and I had the materials I needed. A couple of nights later back at the apartment I carefully pulled the torso apart for easier access and stuck a few test pieces in place and came up with this.

The model was at this point the evening I left Korea, which was also the point I
A few more distributed around each side finished the effect and meant less greenstuff work to join the bestial face to the model. So with the pipework in place it was time to move on with some sculpting. I used an evening or two while on holiday with the family to carefully make progress, like with the carapace I tool it slowly building up layers as I wanted to match the fur of the Beast's head.

The pipework also give the opportunity to bring aspects of the hellbrute into the model with the fleshy textures, the first layers allowed me to bulk out where needed and also get the first layers of fur down. Once achieved and fully cured a second batch of layers helped to finish the effect.

Lastly with the carapace finished I couldn't resist a bunch of shots with it in place not only to see how the two parts blended together but also as with my daylight lamp available I could take some much better scale shots. And what a beast this thing is turning out to be, I'm really happy so far, some of my best sculpting to date and a model that should go nicly alongside the current range of daemon engines. 

At this point my biggest concern is simply running out of mojo and shelving it or just getting over whelmed by the amount of work left to do....

Still with these pictures and looking at the completed parts so far do help to build a buzz for getting strait back to it. And I'll try my best to fit updates round work and family life, somthing that's not been to easy in recent months.

So until next time TTFN.


  1. Holy )!@(&$#!)(!! Dan. I tried to purge the heresy but joined it instead after seeing your work here!

    1. Thanks man. Slow progress but definitely rewarding.
      You have me intrigued by you AOS purchases along with the Calth and Renegade bix sets, expecially now.

    2. Thanks man. Slow progress but definitely rewarding.
      You have me intrigued by you AOS purchases along with the Calth and Renegade bix sets, expecially now.

  2. Holy cow that thing is awesome! ...your green stuff work is great dude. I love the spine and the head. My only possible criticism would be his 'belly' plate makes him look Orkish; but I'm sure you can chaos that up with some green stuff.

    It's really good.

    1. Gut plate is actually the lord of skulls shoulder pad so has a massive icon of Khorne on it so that should make a good start. I've also starter to have fur overlapping the top a bit and may consider options for the bottom edge.


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