RAAAAA, Daemon Knight 5

So it's not the promised round up post, as I've been busy again with work, a 4 week trip to South Korea with 10 and up hour days leaves you somewhat drained. Last Time Illoked at the knight it was something like the above. I just managed to post this up on Bolter and Chainsword so though I'd share him here after the break.
Now normally I cringe a bit when people make excuses for bad photos but I'm going to have to plead forgiveness. Without gluing him to a base and setting up a proper shoot I just couldn't get the proportions to look like they do in the flesh. Since it was getting late this will have to do.

I've since made the head twist a bit more to his right to go in the direction of movement and you'll have to believe me when I say that it don't look as comically big in the flesh. I suspect it's to do with losing depth perception as the head is closer to the camera it looks much bigger but you lose that depth in a 2d image so the torso just looks much smaller.

Which reminds me of this from Father Ted

Ether way when I'm holding it it makes me smile and want to make stompy noises which is always a good sign.

Now a week on Saturday I'll be heading back to Korea for another 3 weeks. Like last time I'll be taking some hobby stuff with me. Tiredness after a long day on a ship and only 2 days off in 4 weeks meant I didn't get much done, I did however finish one model and I may post that up in the coming week if I get time.

Until next time.