Go to Gaol, Loft of shame (part 5) with a little bit of not so shameful.

So it's been ages since my last post, after briefly marking a period of a regular 2 posts a week. Then work got in the way damn it and Christmas. Oh well such is life.
To kick off the new year I'm going to show how this box of stuff was used to start on some more of my Mordhiem terrain.
Some years ago I picked up a Teifoc Castle building set on sale at Hawkins bazaar, something like this one available from Amazon
As a cheep and fun looking way to get some quick buildings for our Mordhiem games I couldn't resist. Sitting at the gaming table while others played I easily threw together a few blocks while chatting and waiting for a table to free up.
This worked out quite well and lead to the construction of this Gaol.
Along with a bunch of wood scraps from making the other buildings this was actually the closest to finished I achieved during the campaign.
All it realy needs are some bars on the windows and some ruined doors, then a few finishing details and the flooring.

On that note before Christmas I sat down and had a play with some of these vinyl tiles From B&Q

Now I picked up a bunch of these back just before running the "Frozen Misery" day long campaign at the end of 2012, like many things I have stashed away I had a number of plans for them, including replacing the Skull pits in the two realm of battle boards I have. 
However in my more recent meanderings around projects and while searching tile shops for the right texture mosaic tiles, it struck me that these self adhesive tiles could well work very well for the job. 
After a brisk search through the boxes in our spare room I them out and a short while later that evening I had got this far.
The tiles score very easily and after a couple of cuts with the knife will cleanly split along the line, making it easy to cut the tile quickly into strips. From there it's simply a matter of scoring each tile and snapping it from the strip, a little trimming and bevelling and VoilĂ  
One small stack of flagstone ready for use, needless to say it took a lot more than this to begin to make a difference but once I got started it was difficult to resist sticking the first ones down.

Once in a rhythm it was a simple take to continue and became quite relaxing with the constant gratification as more and more of the floor became covered.
By the end of the evening the job was finished and I have even begun detail up a partially collapsed wall which will hopefully allow hands to reach models inside the building.

I'm realy happy with how this has turned out and will definitely do the same for the Gaol, it's such a simple method and once painted should give some great results. 

Next up for the inn will be to finish the walls of the ground floor and add cobblestones around the outside. At this point I can consider painting it to get a realy feel for how the whole building will look. Alternatively I may prepare the walls of the whole building so I can coat it all in one go with a layer Paper Mache and let leave it to dry all together.

Next time I'm going to look back on the last year, since the blogg's birthday is on the 15th of Jan I'm a little late but that the way life goes sometimes. Until then TTFN


  1. Love it. Very cool indeed. Nice work.

    1. Thank you. God luck in your up coming games with the DT.

  2. Doh, last two images didn't show up. I hear you on the blog lagging. It's a slippery slope!

    1. GOOGLE.... Shakes fist. Why are your products so poorly integrated.


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