Ork Fleet 'Operation Salvage'

Last time I showed off the Ork Kroozers I left you with a picture of an ebay auction I had recently won.
12 Imperial Cruisers, two of which are missing some components including the engines made them ideal for experimentation. See how my first results are coming along after the break.

First up is the terror ship. 

The addition of both parts butchered from the two cruisers along with a bunch more matchsticks has given me plenty of space for Gun decks in addition to the Imperial Guns. These large pieces means that I need alot less matchstick work and speeds things up no end. Along with using tinfoil for asteroids used to fill holes I'll be adding on textured styrene sheet over the gun-decks and edging them just as I did with Da Skumduffa. The trickiest part for this one will be finding space for the prow Gunz (though having just thought about it, there is nothing stopping me putting them upside down on the bottom...)

Secondly is the first of my two Terror Ships
These two show how quick results can be gained for very little work. Simply cutting up the green cruiser gave me both large parts for both ships spines. In the case of this Terror Ship the top of the cruiser with bridge section, and the underside made a nice spine for the Kill Kroozer. I'm also quite chuffed with the cheeky use of an imperial prow that will support another gun deck.

Assuming I don;t get distracted with the new RPG I purchased off steam I should be able to get a move on with these tonight and maybe even finish construction and undercoat them before Christmas. If so I'll move back to painting 40K Orks, for now I hope these inspire people for there own scratch builds and have fun.