Bases Added

The other day I shared my current progress on 3 Ork Kroozers for Battlefleet Gothic. After the break see how they are coming along.

Firstly I've added some extra bulk here and there. I wanted to get a better Idea of how to attach stands to the models and get a feel for how they would look. So the additions made at this stage have been to help me imagine gun decks and the undersides ready for a stand.
Then using square section bras tube I added the first part of a stand. 
At tihs point it occurred to me that the best way to help keep up my enthusiasum was to get the WIP models to a point where they could be used in a game.
To do this I wanted the Prows for the 2 types of ship to be easily identifiable along with carrier capability. Of cause I also need stands and bases to be attached.
The Prows for the two terror ships come from a robogear "Mad Bull"  Shin guards, that same Walker that supplied the prow for the Skumduffa battleship. Whereas the prow for the terror ship is the front of an Epic Stompa. to differentiate the two ship types further the head of an Epic Mega Gargant was added next.
With the models on stands I am now ready to play a game soon as we can organises something.  
Even without a game line up I still managed a few minor improvements as I added extra decks ready for details and guns. 
However I realised that I simply didn't have enough bitz for the level of variety I wanted. So I've spent a fair amount of time surfing e-bay, dakka swap-shop ect for a deal to both speed up building these and link the models in better with the BFG game, especially imperial ships as they are a large source of salvage for Orks.
Thankfully having sold my old Chaos Epic army I found a good batch on ebay at a reasonable price.
A batch of 12 imperial ships for less than £30 including P&P. I'm currently tidying up the study so not 100% sure how long before I have space to work but next time I show the fleet it should be much closer to finishing. Until then Have fun.