Ork Fleet progressing

Another short one from me today regarding Battlefleet Gothic looking at the beginning of my 3 cruisers. More after the break.

Since completing the construction of the Skumduffa battleship in green and beginning work on some glyphs and details I found it rather daunting and have been painting up some other bits for 40k and avoiding the beast.
To help motivate me I decided to have a dig round in the box of bits I've been collecting. Having made a fleet list I knew that to reach 1000 points I need 1 Kill Kroozer and 2 Terror Ships. Starting with components for the engines the next step was to find something to make the core of each vessel.
Fortunately a piece of plastic pipe and a spare bit of square plastic track were kicking round nearby along with some bitz from the my bitz box for prows and the basic shape had taken form.
Once the core had been built I started to add detail beginning with the torpedo tubes for the terror ships using left overs from the engines. Some bitz from the Mega Gargant sacrificed to make the Skumduffa and a few matchsticks and the three ships were well under way.

Since getting this far I've made some progress which I'll share later this week soon as I've found a few moments to sort out the photos.
The ships all now have stands on and hopefully I may even get a game in soon...

For now though I hope you've enjoyed seeing this early stage and come back soon for more.