Gargshuv Mek’gubbinz fully finished

When last I shared him Gargshuv had just been undercoated. It took me a while but I finally finished him, just before shooting the video I shared yesterday and it only took a trip to GW HQ to do it...
Take a look after the break.

With all the arms it wasn't a simple job to paint him and after getting a rough base coat I bit the bullet and did my usual, ripping bit's off to make it easier. Even then he kept getting put off till the recent 1318 LARP in Manchester.

On the trip up I stopped in to visit Gav, playing a game (well half a game maybe, to much chatting) Thursday evening. Then Friday morning to kill time before heading off, I sat in the Gaming hall to paint. While I didn't quite finish him there it broke the projects back meaning it wasn't to much effort to finish him off once home.

You'll also Notice I've finally settled on a basing scheme and I've since based up some other models including the Dakka Jet so once I've finished my 1000 points I'll go back and base the earlier models.

Talking about my 1000 points I've made some modifications to the list which I'll go into at a later point, also expect to feel the ground trembling to the clang of metal feet soon as Gargshuv has some new toys.