Frozen vengence Battle Report, 1800 points Orks vs Imperial Guard

Today I've finally (after many months) finished the battle report for the game Vs Dave's Imperial Guard. 
This is the final game of the campaign’s first turn, and happened the week before scoring. As a challenge game I got to choose the location and points value so the battle continues on Jellico's Watch. 
So read on after the break to see what happened.

The Armies



Warboss Tinklaw Tufboss
with 'Eavy armour, Attack squig, Bosspole, Cybork body, Power klaw, Shoota/skorcha kombi-weapon, Stikkbombs
Big Mek Gargshuv Mek’gubbinz – 'Eavy armour, Burna, Cybork body, Kustom force field, Mek's tools


Burna Boyz – 6 burna boyz, 2 Meks w rokkit Launchas 


6 Nobz - All w Cybork Bodies. 'Eavy armour, stikkbombs.  3 w Sluggas an Choppas, 1 w powerklaw and Shoota/skorcha kombi-weapon, 1 w powerklaw and Shoota/skorcha kombi-weapon and waaagh! Banner and 1 painboy
20 Slugga Boyz - Stikkbombs, 2 big shootas, Nob Grubgul Runtsmasha w powerklaw  
20 Slugga Boyz - Stikkbombs, 2 big shootas, Nob Krumpgob Gorskar w powerklaw 
10 Shoota Boyz - Big shoota
10 Shoota Boyz - Big shoota 

Fast Attack

3 war buggies – Twin Rokits
10 storm Boyz – Nob Wazzarukk Grimstomp w Power Klaw, eavy armour, Boss bole
Dakkajet – extra Suppa shootas, Flyboy

Heavy support

2 kans – Big shootas
Deff dread – Big shootas
Big Gunz – 3 Kannonz, 2 extra Grotz, Ammo Runt, Runtherd

Imperial Guard

Roughly as From memory + pics


Company Commander
With Company Command Squad, Grenade Launcher, Master of Ordnance, Vox Caster 
In Chimera - Heavy Bolter, Multi-laser 
Techpriest Enginseer w 5x Servitor  


Ogryn Squad - 5x Ogryn and Ogryn Bone 'Ead in Chimera w Heavy Flamer, Multi-laser
Psyker Battle Squad - Overseer and 9x Sanctioned Psykers
Ratling Squad - 6x Ratling snipers


Infantry Platoon - Blue
Infantry Squad w Grenade Launcher and Vox Caster - Blue/Green
Infantry Squad w Grenade Launcher and Vox Caster - Blue/white 
Platoon Command Squad w Grenade Launcher and Vox Caster in Chimera w Heavy Bolter, Multi-laser 

Infantry Platoon - Red
Infantry Squad w Meltagun and Vox Caster - Red/Green (Christmas Squad) 
Infantry Squad w Meltagun and Vox Caster - Red/White
Platoon Command Squad w Grenade Launcher and Vox Caster in Chimera w Heavy Bolter, Multi-laser

Fast Attack 

Hellhound w Heavy Flamer
Scout Sentinel Squadron 
3 Scout Sentinels w Autocannons 

Heavy Support 

Leman Russ Punisher w 3 Heavy Bolters 


Grubgul marched towards the building ahead, in the distance the boom of mega kanons and humie big gunz trading shells. The battle had been going on for days, and something was needed to break the stale mate.
Apparently Gargshuv had picked up some dead weird reading from this sector of the battle field, something he wanted to mount on the Gargant that was heading this way. Da Warboss was determined to make sure that no Humies were going to get in the way, especially not the artillery column that had been sighted by a Dakkajet Pilot. So Tinklaw Tufboss had been sent with some ladz to clear out and ambush the Humie gunz as they arrived.


Game - Big guns never tire, 
dawn of war and no night fight.
Ork Warlord trait - Target Priority
Imperial Guard - Strategic Genius

Terrain is set up by me to give the impression of city street while Dave finishes sorting out his heavy weapon teams.

A large bombed out bunker type building goes in the middle and a good balance of terrain each side makes ups a total of 6 ruins. Sadly I didn't get a good picture before deployment and the best one of the table has spoilers in it so I'll leave that till it's time.

I Can't remember who got to choose sides but I think it was Dave then the Orks won the roll to deploy objectives first and there are 5 of them. Using my usual strategy with objectives I place two of mine towards Dave's deployment zone helping to ensure he can't place his in hard to get places. My first one is placed on the outside of the Administartum building on Dave's right flank, Unfortunately for me Dave would later deploy the Russ Punisher covering this one so it was less than plain sailing.

Dave placed his first down in the ruined bunker in the middle of the table and then my second objective followed a similar method to my first placing it in the front middle of Dave's deployment zone in an patch of rubble area terrain.

Dave then placed his second one in the manufactorium on his left flank before I placed the final one in some ruins in my deployment zone.
View from The IG side of the board,
The back bead in the photo is the second objective marker I placed. My first one is on the ork side of the ruin on the photo's right and Daves first marker is in the ruin on the photo's left. My final Marker was placed in the ruin in the middle of the photo in my deployment zone. This made a nice cluster to aim for and with the numbers advantage I planned to swamp them especially as my Kan's, Deff Dread and Nobz were all scoring.

The Orks won the role to deploy and go first, since I wanted a chance to move closer and get into cover and maybe even take out a tank with buggies and Kannons I decided to deploy first.

Starting with the Kannons I placed them in the centre of my deployment zone where the best lines of fire are. They are also close enough to the objective in my deployment to take it late game. The four boyz units where split evenly between both flanks, because of the lines of fire and cover balance the buggies went on the ork left flank to move up and act as mobile cover for the boyz there. Everything else was deployed around the middle to form a strong centre to push up and go for the objectives. The Nobz happen to be in the ruin by objective revealing a scatter field. 
Ork Deployment
With the orks deployed Dave splits his forces and deployed the punisher on the Imperial right hand flank, backed up by the whole of Red Platoon in the ruin with their command squad sitting in it's Chimera just behind. The Hellhound backed up the Techpriest Enginseer finished the imperial right flak sitting behind the corner of the ruins overlooking the centre of the table.

The Blue Platoon command squad also overlooked the middle of the table just behind the ruin that's just off centre of Dave's deployment zone. The two squads from Blue Platoon are deployed within the ruin along with the sentinel squadron. To the left of the ruin is the Command  Chimera, Heavy weapon squad, Ogrin's Chimera and lastly the psyker battle squad.

The Ratling Snipers infiltrate into the Administratum building overlooking the middle of the battle field and revealing the objective just outside to be nothing special.
Imperial Deployment (or slightly into turn 1)

Battle commences

Dave rolls to seize but failed.

Ork 1

With ground to cover the Ork forces make a solid move forwards. The Nobz head towards the left flank and the Kan wall moves towards the ruined bunker in the middle, providing cover for the stormboyz. On booth flanks the boy units head straight forward, the buggies on the left moving to provide cover slugga boyz and preparing to take some shots at the Punisher.
With chears of joy and a lot of nose small Shoota boy unit on the left flank open up, 2 Ratling snipers are blasted by the hail of shots.
Not wanting to miss out sluggers alongside open up, a few sluggers are in range and along with the two big shootas a third sniper is taken down. Putting the Nobz and Warboss to shame who fail to finish the unit or even kill any largely thanks to cover saves.
The buggies in front launch Rokits at the Punisher but simply bounce off the armour, The kannons show them how it's done and score a penetrating and glance on the hellhound, saving the glance thanks to the ruin the front flamer is blown off by the penetrating hit.

Wanting in on the Dakka action the Dread kills a lonely guardsman from Red/White Squad in front of the hell hound and the kans drop a battle psyker.
Ork 1 Frustrating little buggers

Guard 1

The punisher and Red Platoon move up to towards positions in the Administratum ruin occupied by the surviving stunties.

Supported by the Techpriest Enginseer the hellhound holds hoping to keep cover and waiting for the Orks to advance.
On the other side of the formation the guard army moves up towards the gap behind the furnace building and Manufactorium.

Like waking a sleeping leviathan the boom of heavy weapons reverberates around the city as the Imperial guard open up on the ork hoard. Beginning with the Punisher responding to the rokkit threat presented by the Buggies turning two of them into scrap and stripping a hull point off the third. 

Guard 1 A daunting prospect
In retaliation for their short brothers the Ratling Snipers shoot at the Nobz unit hitting twice including one precision shot on the warboss, but with 4+/5++ and fnp the shots bounce off the beasts thick hides, gubinz and armour plates.
From their new position the sentinels open up on the kans stripping both weapons off one and wreaking it.

A grenade launcher from Blue/White squad shreds a single stormboy and the Ogrin's chimera fluffs it.
Under the watchful eye of the overseer and a crackle of warp energy the battle squad unleashes hell upon the Orks clustered under the Kustom force field. With 7 hits on the Burna Boyz measuring reveals the Big Mek is the closest model one by one saves are rolled, 2 fail ‘look out sir’ but pass the KFF, of the five passed LOS rolls 2 are saved by the force field. With such a mass of hits the Orks are lucky to only lose 3 burnas and 3 stormboyz
Continuing the pain, the heavy weapon teams kill another 3 stormboyz. Followed by the master of ordinance calling down a strike the Orkish marksmen would be proud of as it scatters 12 inches into the middle of nowhere.
Finishing the turn the Techpriest Enginseer repaired the HP on the hellhound

With shooting finished the remaining 2 Stormboyz with knob hold though the Burna Boyz leg it (having dropped the boss pole off the mek to fit the Nobz in Damn.)
Guard 1 hole in the ork lines

Orks 2

After the hellstorm of warp power Big mek Gargshuv Mek’gubbinz can't get the burner boyz to turn round as they fail to rally, and leg it a further 6 inches
Laughing and jeering at the cowardly burners the rest of the hoard heads forward as all unit of orks move towards the imperial positions.
Not wanting to give away an easy victory point the lone Kan heads into the cover of the bunker in the centre of the table where an objective lurks.
The surviving buggy now with little chance of doing anything to the punisher revs its engines and rushes across towards the hell hound.

Much less impressive than the Guard volleys but with far more noise and enthusiasm shooting begins with the unit of shootas on the left killing a lone Christmas Squad guardsman. While the nobz make up for the poor shooting last turn and kill two snipers leaving one alive.

The Kannons open up on the hellhound hoping to repeat last turns damage however they all fluff it and miss. The buggy shows them how it's done and immobilises the hound.
Repeating last turns mediocre performance the dread kills one more guardsman from Blue/White Squad. while the Kan runs to get out of sight by it's objective as does the second shoota boyz unit on the Ork right hand flank. Revealing a scatter field and targeting relay respectively.

Moving into the Assault phase the remaining stormboyz fail to charge the Ogrin Chimera rolling 8 when they needed 9, but worse still the Sugga boy unit only needed 6 and roll a mighty 4 inches finishing the turn.

Guard 2

On the left flank the Ogrins get out the back of their ride, between the Chimera and the battle psykers, with the two guard units of Blue Platoon moving forward coming out of the ruin.
On the right hand side the two units of Red Platoon move up into the ruin, one taking position at the windows.

The Punisher begins the shooting phase blasting away with all guns at Grubgul's unit. Fluffing it with the three heavy bolters only one Ork dies and the big gun is basically average causing 5 wounds including Skruff one of the Big Shoota boyz and a wound on Grubgul.

The Red Command squad Chimera follows suit and finishes off Grubgul.

Being hard as nails the Nobz along with the warboss shrug off shooting from the Sentinels, Red White squad and the Blue command squad Chimera.

Christmas Squad manning the windows of the ruin shoot down a couple of Shoota boyz.
Taking revenge for the damage caused the Hellhound finishes off the buggy that immobilised it last turn.

On the Guard's right flank the remaining stormboyz face the inevitable, Blue/White squad guns down a single ork, followed by the Ogrin's Chimera finishing the second and wounding Wazzaruk before Blue/Green squad finishes him off with a Krak grenade.

The battle Quire finishes the turn by missing the Kannons, and the Techpriest repairs the hull point on the hellhound.

Guard 2 Closing in

Ork 3

Annoyingly there's still no Dakkajet and Gargshuv and his burner boyz flee the board having failed again to rally.

With numbers beginning to dwindle the Ork force moves up once more closing in on the guard positions ready to unleash beatings all round.

Being a crucial turn and not wanting to risk the terrible assault rolls of last turn it's time for a WAAAGH and 50 odd Ork voices rise a racket loud enough to drown out gunfire.

The Shoota boyz on the Ork left open up on Christmass Squad in the ruin but only kill one thanks to cover.
Doing better the large slugger mob lobs a grenade into Blue/White Squad killing three.
With only one sniper left and first blood lost, the nobz ignore the sniper and need to get closer to the action so run up to the edge of the ruin with a good roll.
Lastly the Kannons fail to damage the hellhound.

Having taken a pounding up till now it was time for the orks to really get to grips with da wimpy humies. In a daring move the big Slugger Boy unit declared a multi charge against the Ogrin's Chimera, Blue/White squad and Blue/Green Squad, overwatch kills three but with a good roll they comfortably bundle into all three targets.

In an attempt to pull the Nob away from the Chimera the Blue/White sergeant bravely issues a challenge. Krumpgob promptly accepts and adding injury to the insult takes a wound. Each Guard squad kills an Ork, in response one batch of Boyz Stikk bomb the chimera which explodes taking out 2 guardsmen, the sergeant in the challenge and a battle psyker. The rest of the boyz kill a further 3 guardsmen from the battered Blue/White squad leaving a single guardsman and murder 5 from Blue/Green squad.
Both units break with the unfortunate lone guardsman is cut down as Blue/Green escapes.
The boyz consolidate as best they can around the ruin.
Ork 3 Post combat, Ork RH flank
On the Orks left flank the slugga mob attempted to charge the Punisher but after poor roles even with fleet they embarrass themselves in front of the warboss and fail.

The Shoota boyz fair better charging Christmas Squad at the ruin's windows. Losing a few to overwatch and attacks the surviving 4 cut a bunch of puny humies down breaking the rest which manage to escape. 
Ork 3 Post combat, Ork LH flank

Guard 3

Failing to rally, both fleeing units leg it off the table while the rest of the army move into positions to draw better lines of sight to the Orks on their doorstep.
The Hellhound starts the shooting phase off burning the Nob unit causing several wounds to the Warboss, three of which get past saves. Thanks to look out sir get they allocated around the Nobz.
Blue Platoon’s command chimera also adds its firepower, wounding the Warboss. Caught between fire arcs the Punisher joins in, opening up with its guns two slugger/chopper nobz are shredded in a rain of death.
On the inside of the Administratum building Red Platoon’s command Chimera kills one of the shootas boyz that sent Christmas Squad packing last turn. Red/White Squad adds it’s firepower but fails to kill any and they hold at the end of turn.
Guard 3 Really close now
The Sentinels manage to take a hull point off the dread with a hail of Autocannon fire and the battle psykers hit the Kannons unit killing 4 grots though not enough for a leadership test.
In retaliation for the destruction caused by Krumpgob’s Slugger unit the Imperial forces open fire. Between the Company command chimera, heavy weapon teams and the Ogrins 6 Boyz plus Krumpgob get balsted to bits, causing the unit to run.
Finishing the shooting phase the Techpriest fails to repair the immobilised Hellhound.
In assault the Ogrins attempt to go after the fleeing sluggers. Thanks to the extra distance from running away earlier the ogrins fail and take an overwatch wound for their trouble.

Guard 3 Clear off

Orks 4

With a roar of jet engines the Dakkajet finally arrives zooming over the Kannons heading towards the Ogrins. Even without Krumpgob’s bellowing encouragement the slugga boyz rally and consolidate away from the Ogrins.

Somewhat battered the Ork forces move up ready for the next push. Grubgul’s Boyz move toward the punisher, unhooking Krak Stickbombz a vengeful gleam in their eyes hinting at the violence to come. Alongside them the Warboss and his nobz move up onto the objective the units shear resilience making them a tough prospect to remove and they are nice and close to the punisher to make sure it gets dealt with.

The remaining three shootaboyz in the ruin on the orks left open up and gun down 3 of the Techpriests servitors while the Kannons blast away at the hellhound glancing and penetrating the tanks Hull. A second immobilised result finally wrecks the hellhound.

The lone Kan hiding in the ruin takes a potshot at the remaining sniper but thanks to cover the little git survives. Even without a Waaagh the dakkajet does better and guns down two Ogrins.

With no more shooting left the Nobz and Slugger boyz assult the punisher. With the non powerklaw armed nobz failing to scratch it the Sluggers shove enough grenades up the exhaust pipe to Krak it to death with glances, for once a vehicle doesn't explode in my units face.

The Deff Dread successfully charges the last unit of guardsmen on the table (Red/White Squad) and murders them up as the survivors try to flee.

Guard 4

Taking up position around the crater left by the Ogrins Chimera the Ogrins move forward and the Psyker battle squad move into the hollow to get back into range of the kannons having killed the closest Grots last turn.

At this point we notice how critical the position of the furnace ruin objective is. Having assumed was safely in my hands....

Guard 4 Furnace Objective
The Walls and furnace chamber are about 2 ½ inches thick meaning the objective is within 3 inches of the Psyker Battle Squad contesting it.

The heavy weapons teams only plan to shoot the flyer so move up since snap firing anyway and are out of range of anything else. The company command chimera moves up alongside them.
With no Hellhound to repair the Techpriest and remaining Servitors move up for some revenge as the nearby Chimera backs off to hopefully to buy some space or at least pull units away from the objective.

Starting the shooting Phase the 3 heavy bolters open up on the dakkajet, with a slim chance. Luck is on their side as out of nine shots 4 hit, causing 3 penetrating and a glance. 1 pen is saved by evading and the plan crashes clipping a big gun though it make its saves.

The Company command squad kills another two slugger boyz, taking the Ogrin's out of range, and the Battle Psykers blast the Kannons destroying one gun and splattering two grots.

In the middle, Blue Platoon's command chimera bounces shots off the dread, fairing better the sentinels immobilise it.

The last chimera manages to cause a wound on the last uninjured Nob and with shooting over the remains of Kumpgob’s ladz do a runna.

To finish the turn the Techpriest and remaining servitors charge into the 3 shoota boys and slay the xenos savages with no loses.

Guard 4 turn end

Ork 5

There's not much movement with so few units left, the fleeing sluggers continue to do so.
The Kan shifts slightly to shoot at the sentinels through the window of the ruined bunker while holding onto it's objective.
The warboss and Nobz shift round to bring combi skorchas to bear on the tech priest while covering the objective. The second Slugga unit moves up towards the Chimera preparing Krak stickbombs.

The sneaky grots shuffle round without moving the artillery pieces to get within range of the objective.

Predictably 3 combi skorchas toast the Techpriest and bodyguard. The two Kannons fluff it, scattering wildly they miss the Battle psykers.

Eyeing up the tank in front of them Grubgul’s ladz miss with a grenade.

Making up for missing the massive tank at range the boyz then charge in and shove ten grenades up the tail pipe to be sure, overkilling the chimera. With a massive detonation 4 boyz are blasted to the floor along with 3 of the unfortunate command squad pinning them.

Guard 5

Some shuffling round occurs and the second platoon command chimera moves towards the objective it's been overlooking, the squad inside jumps out and gets as close as possible by running as the shooting phase starts.
Guard 5 Sneeky steal
Taking a lucky shot the chimera finishes the dread off allowing the sentinels the option of attempting to scrap the Kan, however the cover afforded by the bunker and scatter field objective protects it.

The Master of ordinance that has only hit anything once so far, along with the Battle Psykers trash the last two Kannons. Failing the break test the squig hound gobbles up two unfortunate grots and the remaining two hold inside a hairs breadth of the objective.

Guard 5 Hair's Breadth

The End

Rolling for turn 6 and the game finishes with the tattered remnants of the Orks winning 11 points (3 objectives, 1 heavy support and line breaker) to 5 (1 objective, 1 Heavy support and First blood,)


Snarling with anger Grubgul dumped the power claw to the floor kicking the mangled piece of equipment. For the last hour he had been stuck, battred armour locking his knee and unable to get at the buckle because of the fulty Klaw. Still he’d proudly watched his boyz smash though the Humie tanks ramming grenades up exhaust pipes ect. When the artillery train had show up Grubgul had bellowed with rage at the wounded boyz round him. Throwing rocks with his free arm, getting the lazy maggots up on their feet to go look after whatever Tinklaw and da Nobz had found. Having done so Grubgul watched the Warboss go play with the new imperial arrivals.

Not everything had gone the Orks way; most of the reaming Ork forces where copses or groaning invalids, and one of the humie tanks had nicked something from the ruins in the distance before legging it. The remains of the imperial forces and artillery had been able to pull back just before Gargshuv had returned in his stompa supporting the Gargant.

Hours later Gubbinz the Orks had found where strapped to the Gargant. It had been a struggle, requiring gathering those that could fight to carry out a raid on the new artillery position. But after a good if sometimes frustrating scrap the Gargant loaded up the survivors and with its shiny new shields marched into the enemy lines. Sadly the delays meant the Orks couldn’t kill as many humies as they would have liked but it was still a significant win.


Warboss Tinklaw Tufboss an his Nobz Hold an objective
Well another great game and one I can be proud of. Fundamentally my win came down to focusing on the objectives from placement all the way to the last turn. Making sure there was a bunch I could go to and also using my right flank to hold up and bottle neck Daves forces. The gamble with the slugga boyz mob in the multi charge really paid off and concentrating on clearing out troops options also meant Dave would find it difficult to claim any objectives.

In many ways I was again lucky, Dave plays quite conservatively trying to keep back and shoot. While a valid tactic it often leads to potions of the army to far back to do anything, the hellhound and Ogrins are a prime example of this. By not ploughing forward with the Ogrins and disembarking them in front of the Chimera the way was left open for me to pull off the charge. 

Had Dave pushed them forward before disembarking and dropped the Ogrins right in the sluggas face he could have shielded Blue Platoon. Heck there’s a good chance the Sluggas would have just bounced off the T5 3 wound beasts and lost the combat, bonehead VS nob could have taken out the boss pole and may have seen off the Orks. A consolidate and then move would have brought them into a position to threaten the shootas in the furnace building.
 The remaining Guard Left Flank Bottlenecked by the Ork Sluggas leave them to far back at the end.
On the other flank holding the Hellhound back meant it had little opportunity to do much. If it had been closer to the punisher the two could have moved up in tandem backed up by the Enginesear. I have no doubt that my left flank would have been eliminated in short order and they could have hammered up the flank towards the Ogrin Anvil.
The ruin the Orks made of the guard's right flank. Had the hell hound and punisher worked together...  
On my side of the table I made my fair amount of mistakes. Fear of turn 1 casualties and getting forward ASAP meant I deployed first allowing Dave the leisure to pick and choose targets, fortunately he made the mistakes discussed above or I would have been pulped early on. Even so I used the storm boys wrong and should have put them on the right flank. Doing so They could have moved forward unhindered hidden behind the Furnace building, then leapt over and butchered the units hiding on the other side.

As it was the storm boys got butchered early on and by not measuring the contest range of the objective I wasted a unit of 10 boyz that could have headed round the right hand side of the furnace and got stuck in.

Still as it was it was a great and epic game with massive casualties on each side.


So another win to the Orks and more territory on Jellico's Watch, a week or so after this we moved onto scoring for the turn. Even though this took so long we have still been playing and I've got a couple of reports in note form waiting to be written up. A couple of weeks ago we finished turn 2 with a big five way game. I've a pile of photos and I'll writ up a summery of the game.
Due to moving away my ally Tosh has pulled out of the campaign so there are some changes on the horizon that I'll come to later.
I hope that it was worth the wait and have fun.