A New Chapter.

So it’s been around 3 months since I last managed to post. As I may have mentioned I was made redundant in April and since then things have been quite busy. While working writing up a post was a good way to take a break from working and help clear my head as I went from task to task, when at home with many pressures on my time it became more of a chore.

So the good news is that I have a new job…. Yay. With that in mind I may even get more regular posts done, in part due to arriving to work early (thanks to child care arrangements), lunch time or just jotting a word or two down when I get narked at one piece of software or another.

However since this is a hobby blog, and not this is Dan’s life, after the break I’d like to share the following video of the painting desk and some of the things that were sitting on it a couple of weeks back.

Since then I’ve actually had a thorough tidy up and can now get on with things much easier. I’ve completed a number of models and will also share them in the coming days.

Today though I’ll leave you with the opening of the space marine captain I won in the competition run on Skulkers surprise (skulkers-surprise.blogspot.co.uk) for the Blog’s 2nd birthday.

A big thank you for the model and since opening the captain I’ve had several Ideas.
Firstly I won’t pervert him to the dark gods of chaos and I recon he’ll look awesome with a jetpack accompanying some vanguard vets. Before I do anything with him I will need to work out a colour scheme for my marines. While I love the Storm wardens I don’t like large areas of metallic silver on a model and intend to play about with some sort of cloud effect and possible colours along with some Bretonian helmets and things so it may be sometime before he gets the treatment he deserves.

For now though thanks for reading and here's to more regular posts coming.