Whats on the Painting Desk

Just a quick update today with a look at what I'm working on right now.

So it's looking quite full but no worries as the undead are only there for a short while as I spent about half an hour fixing up some truly ancient models. From this boxset released in the 80s
Not my pic but from here
Along with some other skelie bits and other models I had lying around I have knocked up a stand in army for Chris who's starting up vampire counts shortly. This will allow him to play 500points games while he buys and builds his own army.
So we have Mounted Skelies with Scythes as Hexwraiths, a big block of Skeleton warriors with Hand weapon and shields, 5 dire wolves, a necromancer (dude pulling his face off) and a converted Cairn Wraith and lastly a bunch of spare skelies alows the necromancer to do his thing.
The Wraith comes from a blood bowl team that was given to me when another friend was clearing out old models along with some other conversions and scratch builds I think he would prefer stay buried in the loft. 

I'm planning on using my Warriors of Chaos to help Criss learn, I just need to find a viable way of handling the Hexwraiths so that the games last long enough to be worthwhile...

Currently a lv 1 wizard with lore of fire seems the only real option.
Any ideas welcome and I hope you enjoyed this little trip into warhammer's past.