Dakkajet WIP2 progress

Yesterday saw me post up the Dakkajet as it stood last night. I was a little concerned so today while my little girl had a nice long nap I've done some more work on the two areas that where bothering me.

As I mentioned yesterday here I wasn't a massive fan of the flames as they stood and the large red flaps needed something.
After a little bit of experimenting I came up with this...
I started by making the patterns more complicated and less like claws and it was a significant improvement but still looked a bit to much like tentacles. By "hollowing" out the flame effect I think it's much improved and the chequered pattern helps create a box for something to go in. currently the Jets left wing looks like this.
which I'm generally happy with and could leave it at that. however it occurred to me that by layering more flame patterns over the top it would look better...
So I did just that on the jets right wing...
Which looks kinda cool though I'm a little concerned I've now over complicated things. You'll also notice the Tooth Glyph on the other wing flap. I like this and will be applying it to the other wing next.
After that I'm going to move onto the underside of the wings just to spruce it up a bit before I move back to the left wing and make my decision about the flames.

All comments welcome and thanks for reading.