Dakkajet WIP

So as I've mentioned things are a bit hectic around hear so Hobby and blogging have to take a back seat.I have however managed to fit a game in Vs Lester which will at some point see the light of day as a battle report. However for a quick update I've been working on my Dakkajet.

Seen above from the game with Lester I'm well on my way to finishing it, so read on to see.
I'm currently in the process of painting the last details before it gets a selection of washes. There are a few copper pipes that need a highlights and cables that need to be painted but the biggest task is the free hand glyphs.
Most of these have been done but there is a couple of areas that I think need some attention to break up some of the larger panels.
 I'm happy with the tail and consider it complete for this stage, I feel the skull Glyphs help to bring the model together as they are based on the one that makes up the air intake at the front.
Both these and the Dakka Glyphs took several attempts to get right and I'm happy with them now. #
I'm also happy with the belly, just as with all my Orks only the biggest and best get to use black and white in their marking which shows the Pilots status as a Flyboy.
With most of the jet glyphs done it's the wings that need finishing, I feel that the large red wing flaps need breaking up a little and am pondering teeth Glyphs such the glyph for Grim. I may just run a double line of Checker markings round the strait edges as I've not yet used them in green and red.
Lastly the green fire effect on the other wing flaps, so I may touch that up a bit.

Anyway all comments are welcome  and I should have the battle report finished as I;ve started uploading it, not sure why this particular game is taking so long to write up even taking into account the limited time to work on it.
Until then have fun.