Dakkajet WIP 2 Weathering done..

So the last couple of days have seen me make progress on my Dakkajet.
I left you yesterday with it looking like the above and uncertain about the flame effect.

After spending some time on it yesterday I finished all the glyphs and was very happy with it. I went for the simpler design with a few tweaks to make it more like flame and less like some hippy tree motif. The more complex effect looked to me kinda flame like but also like a mass of tentacles or maybe I play to much call of Cthulhu.

Once the Detail work was all completed I began the task of weathering....
And it now looks like this.
The weathering was achieved by sponging on Abaddon black followed by Scorched brown and finally bestial brown. after this chips of silver where layered up with GWs 3 new colours.
Then came a full wash of Agrax earthshade across the whole Jet.
After some edge highlights the final stage was carried out with Nuln Oil. At least that's what it said on the pot. I have a nasty feeling that I ran out of Nuln oil at some point and used some watered down acrylic artist ink to fill up the pot.
As you can see the jet is now very dark.
At first I was royally pissed at how dark it came out and in attempts to clean it up a bit managed to rub some of the ink off in a couple of spots (most noticeably the Jet's left wing) in fear or ruining it and as it was getting late last night I went to bed.
Seeing the results in the day it's no where near as bad as I first thought and it's now growing on me. While a lot of the colour variation in the highlighting of the metal and weathering has been diminished but not as badly as it appeared last night with my single daylight bulb and normal indoor lighting.

Even the areas where it looks like it's been cleaned up has given me an idea.....
Grotz hanging on for dear life, to look like the plane took off while they were working on the plane. The Stompa kit  comes with a couple of promising poses that I am thinking of magnetising to help with tracking Hull points. By using two I can take one off each time a HP is lost unless there is none left to take at which point it's on it's last HP.

This will help make the cleaner areas look like they where intended and give some Orkyness to the model.

So with my issues resolved I'm going to paint up the last few bits and finish it for now until I buy a Stompa once I have enough Orks done for Apocalypse.

I'll just leave with one last picture I took last night. If I had the skill to do it I think it would be a great one for Photoshop fun.