Dakkajet finished and the next project

Yesterday I posted up the results of my weathering experiments. Since then I've managed to finish the Jet so read on to see how it's come out.

 Obviously like all my Orks I still need to choose a basing style to truly finish it but for now it's done and I'm very happy with the results.

The Ork pilot is fully painted but with reflections on the cockpit canopy it's a little tough to take photos that really shows him off. Still its funny how such a small finish as adding the pilot and canopy makes such a difference and gives a sense of completeness. 
And just because I can with a little help from these images
 and Photoshop

I also went on a little shopping trip today to a local Model rail shop for parts and my god if anyone ever tries to tell me GW is expensive again they know nothing about hobbies.
First on the shopping list was some textured plastic sheet to help me with a Gothic fleet for Da ladz, while it took some hunting I found some bits for a few quid a pack that will do (mostly styrene sheets from Evergreen and some textured sheet) as I start on the Fleet I'll share i promise.

However for the next stage of my 1000pts I found a little gem that's going to help.
Remember this dude?
Thanks to a OO gauge workshop kit I've now got the tools to finish his Mekanorkdrites and along with a little green stuff he should be undercoated very soon. 

At £7.95 for a batch of small bits though it definitely puts GW pricing in perspective as a whole even if their price increase methods and ridiculously dumb 1 click packages could only be the result of incompetent management (to put it lightly, I find the 1 click both an insult to my intelligence and really don't understand why or who would even bother? and don't get me started on the Apocalypse formation bundle debacle in any other company the reputation loss alone would cost someone their job).
The kit has some nice little parts in the tools though the figures are hideous, the one on the left looks like the elephant man and none of them have hands. Still since the Mek so far has cost me nothing but spare parts from my bitz box I don't mind spending a little bit on him and some of the other parts will make nice details on my war buggies.
I've already played around with some of the components and soon as Gargshuv Mek’gubbinz is under coated I'll get him posted up but for now have a good night and thanks for reading.

PS - the Apocalypse bundle bollox up actually really annoys me and I think people need to know about this so if anyone hasn't seen this then Faeit 212 has a recent post on it Here with the original post Here which links to a post he found discussing it Here so if anyone is planning on using the One Click bundles just don't it'll take you longer to check that its not more expensive than buying individual stuff than it will to just buy the individual stuff.