Da Skumduffa Battleship, nearly there.

Just a quick one this morning as last night I managed to get some more done on Da Skumduffa Battleship.
With the added bonus of a scale comparison to my Tyranid Hiveship one the left and a Desolater Class chaos Battleship on the right.
All of the matchstick work is finished on the main body and I reckon it needs less than 10 more little bits to finish up the 'mouth'/'chin' and it'll be ready for some plasticard work and fine detail, including some Gunz on the new gundecks.

Hopeful I'll have it ready to spray this weekend but I know the final details will be very fiddly so will no doubt take longer than that but fingers crossed.


  1. lovely space ships and a very nice blog all round ;-) I have always liked the idea of custom nid ships in BFG .

    1. Thank you. Just fixed the image links in my second post so for a bunch more pics of the Nids have a look


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