Big Mek Undercoated and Da Skumduffa Battleship

The other day I promised a picture of my undecorated Big Mek Gargshuv Mek’gubbinz having added some of the Bitz above. As often happens things got busy, this time involving a parents visiting from Germany, Sledge Hammer getting over friendly with my old shed, a tip to London and a whole load of Quadro.
With temperatures outside a little high for my little one right now I'm just taking a break as she watches some telly before lunch and will share what I've managed to do this last week or so.
Starting with Gargshuv I finished adding his tools and components and then undercoated him and have since given him a layer of Leadbelcher over all the metal parts wich will get drybrush highlighted next.
For his tools I modified the pillar drill by replacing the drill bit with a real one from an old blunt 1mm bit to get the detail. The second tool is simply the clamp from the kit's lathe. Lastly the bottom claw was made from parts of an old Epic Mega Gargant.

While it has a big Klaw I'll most often run as a burner and Kustom Forcefield, I might at higher points count the Mekanorkdrites as an attack Squig. 
Once my next build is finished I'll move onto painting both.

My next project has been slowly growing since last week. I've been collecting parts for ages and it's good to finally be able use them to begin my Ork Battle Fleet starting with Da Skumduffa counts as  Deathdeala.
Pictures from the early stages above show off the core components well being a lid from a fabric conditioner bottle and the cockpit from a robogear model. The engines come from hand wash bottle valves and the manufactorium terrain kit. Lastly details include parts from a Chaos cruiser, and more of the Epic Mega Gargant, jewlery bits for the bombardment cannons, tinfoil asteroids and matchsticks to texture. 

After a fair bit of work the next stage shows my progress around the middle of last week.
A Desolator class Chaos Battleship and my Tyranid Hiveship can both be made out in the background of the two left pics to get an idea of the size of this beast. Additional detail and gun batteries have now been added using the plasticard from my shopping trip along with more bits from the Gargant, other Ork epic bitz, BFG lance batteries, robogear odds and ends and lastly some of the Platformer terrain support struts.

Just before things got busy round here I had mostly finished the Matchstick work on the main body and it wont take to long to do that, leaving just the head and fine details to add.
With just a little more to go with the main work next I'll move on to fine detail with the 0.64mm styrene rod working from the back forward before filling out the detail on the head with more gunz, glyphs and the like.

Once I've finished I'll then paint it alongside the Big Mek. Currently I'm very happy with how it's looking even if it's a little on the big side, now my parents have headed back to Germany I will have less time for the larger outdoor projects as I watch over my daughter but fitting in the odd bit of glueing  should mean I can finish up fairly quickly. 

For now though thanks for reading and as always comments welcome.