Stormboyz Finished

Hello again. long time since I managed to get a blog post up as I've been very busy as my job was made redundant. A lack of lunch breaks and looking after a 1 year old certainly limits how often I can post. Still I've managed to complete my unit of 10 Stormboyz for my 1000pt list and will take this opportunity to share them.

Since I'm trying to paint all of my stormboyz to match as if they are in a uniform the most resently finished four follow the same colour scheme as the first 6.
Hi-lighting from a base of scab red, to red gore and then blood red on all trousers, arm bands and gloves. The jackets are a base of camo green, a 50/50 camo green goblin green finished with 100% goblin green.
My ork skin uses the three new ork colours and the metallics likewise use GWs new sets. Lastly boots are painted with nightshade blue followed by decals and glyphs in goblin green and mephiston red. 
Once all the main colours are finished all cloth and glyphs get a was of chestnut ink and the metallics are washed black along with a heavy coat on the boots.
Just like with the first 6 each one has individual nose cones, though it'll take quite some thinking to keep this up make sure every Stormboy has a new mark.

I'm happy with the group for now, though thanks to ebay I now own a stomping 40 boyz ready for when I start to diversify my list building capability. But first I want to finish the base 1000 point list. Currently this stands at a unit of 20 Slugga boyz, a deff dread and these guys for complete units.
Next up is my dakkajet, I've manage to catch a few minutes here and there, I've finished the silver metallics and am moving onto the brass bits next so hope I'll have enough time to finish it soon. After that I'm lining up 10 slugga boyz for one of the two small units I run in bigger games.

On the battle report front I've found the notes for the game against Dave, been sent a copy of the notes for the game vs Gav at GW HQ and lastly I played a great game against Dan last week so while on holiday over the next two week I'll have to try and write some of this up ready to post.

As things settle down once I get back, fingers crossed I'll be able to post at least once a week, but for now that's it thanks for reading.