Back from trip. Warhammer world and 1318 LARP

So I got back from my trip on Sunday and have been busy sorting out photos. I took around 50 at Warhammer World on Friday having decided to make a bit of a visit of it instead of fining a quiet corner to paint. It’s been a while since I took time to properly look round so it’s always nice to see what’s changed. Over my next few posts I’ll share some of the things that caught my eye as well as a chat about the game Gav and I played though didn’t finish.
So today I’m going to share my picture of the gaming hall and shiny tables you can play on when visiting.

So the hall is massive with loads of tables to play on with the added bonus that at the shop end there are all the specially built tables. It’s here you’ll find all the really cool ones, I’ve been reliably informed that they cycle through the tables when one needs repairs or is being used in the studio so don’t be surprised if you don’t see all of the tables featured in white dwarf out at a time. In particular on this visit the space station used in Crusade of Fire wasn’t there but I have seen it before.
Many of the special tables are huge like the above 12” by 6” Imperial snow fortress or the Tau Swamp table also 12” by 6” that Gav and I have been planning to play a Tyranid Vs Tau Apocalypse  game on for ages when we both have enough painted up. Mind Gav’s colour blind so with my green Nids He might lose sight of them in the Jungles.

There are also a couple of 8” by 6” tables including the city fight board Gav and I played on Thursday evening so I’ll save pictures of that till later. However they have recently added a new cityfight board and it’s fantastic, just unfortunate it was in use Thursday evening.

As well as the large boards there are also some 6” by 4” Tables with this lord of the Rings/ Fantasy and the Fantasy Village table. Along with the Table used in the last part of the Crusade of Fire Campaign seen in the background.

I do enjoy visiting Warhammer world and heartily recommend it to anyone. Tomorrow I’ll take a look at some of the things that caught my eye around the display cabinets and as soon as I sort my notes out with Gav (left them in the back of his sketchbook) and find my other note book with my Game vs Dave in. I’ll have a battle report and a half to share with you all. Until then, have fun and good luck.


  1. not trying to be mean, but if Gav's color blind how can he paint?

    1. Incredibly well, He's a brilliant artist.
      Red, Green to him look like shades of grey as long as he knows the pot he's using is green he can match the shades he sees to shades of the colour he's using.


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