The Frozen Vengeance Campaign

For a while now I’ve been mentioning this, it was once of my goals for the year to get it running alongside the other GM Lester and then we need to keep it going as the Phases move on.
I’ve already written one battle report for the campaign and I’ve another on the way (left the memory stick with the write up at home) and with only two game under my belt I think I’ve played the lest so far out of the group. But with a 10 month old and full time work I guess that’s not a surprise.
I finished the Map for the first sector today having tidied up a mistake and while there is no doubt a lot I could do to improve it lets look at it and the setting for the campaign.

The Frozen Misery Space Hulk

The campaign setting

Set after the Frozen Misery day long campaign last Christmas
“Frozen Vengeance tells the tale of a forgotten Imperial Sub-Sector – the Cruxius Reach – and the sudden and unexpected invasion of it that would ultimately prove to have far reaching consequences for the entire galaxy.
The frozen Misery is a space hulk that appeared from the Warp not far from the Ork empire of Charadon, several factions made attempts to seize control of the Hulk but it was ultimately the Eldar that in a mysterious act locked the vessel on course before activating a lock down procedure that saw the other factions running for safety.
Since then the Hulk drifted into the Roxon system and into the hands of the fledgling Waaagh Ironside.  The Orks, unaware of the Eldar involvement in their new toy, leapt at the change to use the hulk and promptly swarmed aboard. While a number of actions from the Imperial forces prevented the Orks for accessing the hulks true bounty its presence triggered a Waaagh and as the prominent Warboss, Uzbog Ironside claimed the hulk for his own.
Many Imperial scholars in the years to come would suggest that the arrival of the hulk and subsequent trigger of the Waaagh was somewhat premature and presented a much lower threat to the Imperium than would be expected if the Orks had stayed put and followed a more natural cycle and expansion.
During this time the Frozen Misery was however lost to the Imperium with only flickers on deep space scans and desperate attempts made to find it with scout ships and Reconnaissance into Ork territory.
Unfortunately just as the Imperial forces expected it reappeared some time later packed full of Orks and heading for the Cruxius reach Subsector.
The campaign begins Phase one around the Jellico’s Watch system,
Jellico’s watch
A long disused Imperial Navy Watch Station, the Jellico’s Watch system was downgraded in status and long forgotten after the destruction of the systems primary planet, Jellico’s Rest, over three millennia ago. What happened to the planet is unclear and the answers have become lost in the great Imperial Bureaucracy.
It now serves as one of a number of watchposts on the out edge of the Cruxius Reach. The only activity in the system has been the occasional transfer of personnel to and from the deep space astropath listening stations positioned in the system. This early warning mechanism had been on high alert after the loss of the Space Hulk Frozen Misery.
warning messages where sent in system for a short period before becoming maydays and please for assistance. The Ork forces along with mysterious allies invaded and promptly sized a sizable portion of the system before the imperial forces could respond. Additionally a number of disagreements between the objectives at hand lead the Imperial commanders forming into two smaller factions which could end up seeing all three sides fighting a war on two fronts.
Over the next couple of days I’ll cover more details of the goings on in the Cruxius reach, I’ll introduce the players, explain how we’ve altered the rules from crusade of fir to remove the need for the map and share some of the results so far hopefully with some of the pictures form other people’s games.
I’ll also be working on the write up getting pictures ready and proof read the text so expect the battle report up early next week.
(Disclamer Both maps use images from across the web I claim no rights over these pictures and in many cases have long lost any links to them. I would like to thank the great number of artists that make this sort of thing possible.)