Grubgul and Wazzarukk

Last Thursday I finished Wazzarukk my storm boy nob, so I thought I'd share it today along with the close ups of Grubgul the Slugga boyz nob who featured in the battle report vs the Space Wolves.  And delve into the History of these two mighty Ork beasts

Grubgul and his Dakka Boyz
Grubgul and Wazzaruk have been rivals ever since Grubgul joined up with Waaagh Ironside back on Roxon 4. Both orks originated in the Grimnaz dessert, Grubgul from the mines and Wazzaruk the hidden valleys where Waaagh Ironside began.
Warboss Uzbog Ironside had just beaten to a pulp the warboss of Grubgul and Gargshuv’s Klan and claimed control when he sent Gargshuv off to capture an area of ruins that he wanted to loot. During the exploration the Eldar launched an attack from a hill and decimated the Ork forces. Fortunately reinforcements arriving meant the Eldar didn’t have time to make sure all of the Orks where fully dead and many of them survived. However a number of suspicious hollows left the Ork leader and Mek in no doubt that the pansies had stolen something away.
As is often the case in Ork Politiks no one wanted to take the blame, Grubgul blamed Wazzaruk for failing to crush the pansies quickly enough and setting the whole Ork force up to be shot to bits. While Wazzaruk blamed Grubgul for hiding in a creator instead of using his so called cunning to run forward around the side of the hill to take the Panzies from the side. Gargshuv simply put the blame squarely at the feet of the Panzies for hiding behind a hill.
Warboss Ironside didn’t really care ether way but when the two nobz started yelling at each other over him, he soon took his anger at the loss out on them both beating them unconscious and dumping them into the drops.
From then on the two nobs have hated each other with a passion.

Wazzarukk Grimstomp

Grubgul Runtsmasha
orks vs eldar 750pts battle report part 1
The battle report detailing the fight that set the two nobs against each other.

I'm still formating poster pictures to share the next batch so keep an eye out, but for now thats all folks.