Frozen Vengeance, as turn one draws to a close

So after at the end of yesterday’s battle report and last week’s post on the Frozen vengeance campaign background, I promised a look at how the first turn was shaping up.
The campaign has been based on the rules from the Crusade of Fire, however we removed the individual map tiles and simply have a number of points at each location to fight over. A close win scores 1 point, a solid win score 2 and a total annihilation scores 3.
Currently we are about to move into Turn two this weekend. So today let’s look at the games played so far and who things are going.
Crimson fists Face off Vs the Ork hoard

The locations

I described the first System in the campaign last week here, the system has 4 locations that can be fought over with a varying number of points for each.

Watch Station 2-4 Alpha

Located on a small planetoid, on the outer reaches of the Jellico’s Watch system, Watch Station 2-4 Alpha served as a platform for monitoring deep space warp signals. It was this platform that sounded the alert of the incoming Space Hulk – the Frozen Misery – which had been lost after a brief conflict aboard it some years earlier. Although the Hulk had long since vanished by the time Imperial forces arrived Ork and Necron forces were attacking the system in force – blindsiding the insufficient PDF forces.
Watch Station 2 4 Alpha has 9 points of territory. Strategic Objectives include:
  • Sensor Station – 5points
Eyes in the Dark – 9pts: Campaign/ In-game: Watch Station 2 4 Alpha counts as 3 sensor stations (including the one already present) that can be used in any game in the Cruxius reach, regardless of location.
Battles on Watch Station 2-4 Alpha use the Low-Gravity warzone trait.

Jellico’s Watch

The sole remaining habitable planet in the system, the small feudal population ekes out a meagre living on this world supporting the system’s garrison and the Imperial facilities such as the secondary sensor stations at the poles.
Jellico’s Watch has 15 points of territory. Strategic Objectives include:
  • Population Centre level 2 – 12 points
  • Sensor station level 1 – 7 points
  • Space Port level 1 – 5 points
  • Manufactorum level 1 – 3 points

The Lonely Watch – 15 points: [REDACTED – ORIGIN UNKNOWN]


This barren deathworld holds little apparent value at first glance – although further investigation reveals a sizable mining project underway with near endless mining tunnels beneath the surface. The local Governor on Jellico’s Watch claims to know nothing of it.
Alfrost has 12 points of territory. Strategic Objectives include:
  •  Mining Complex – 5 points
  • Outreach Base Zeta – 8 points
What Lies Beneath - 12points: Campaign: You may search the mines at the end of a turn by rolling 2d6. A GM will inform you of what, if anything, you have discovered!

Battles on Alfrost use the Sub-Zero warzone trait. You may want to use the Deathworld tables from White Dwarf issue 388 as well.
Use the following Hazard Randomiser Table instead of the one presented:
D6 Hazard Table Used
1 Your opponent chooses which table is used
2 Environmental Hazards
3 Indigenous Hazards
4 Seismic Hazards
5 Seismic Hazards
6 You choose which table is used.

Jellico’s Gateway

The shattered remains of Jellico’s Rest comprise a sizeable asteroid belt that possesses only a single reliable pathway, providing a shortcut between the systems only inhabited planets.
This location is known as Jellico’s Gateway and a fleet with control of this gateway could use the route unmolested to great advantage.

Battles at Jellico’s Gateway should be played with Kill Team or Battlefleet Gothic.
The Gateway is worth 2 Points of territory.
Holding the Gateway - 2pts:
Campaign: Jellico’s Gateway is worth a bonus 2 campaign points.


The campaign has 6 players split into 3 teams of two.
The Winged Fist of the Emperor – Paul (Crimson Fists) and Jim (Dark Angels)
The Fang and The Forge – Lester (Space Wolves) and David (Imperial Guard – representing Mechanicus forces)
The Golden Waaaagh – Dan (Orks, yup thats me) and Tosh (Necrons)

Starting the Campaign

Each player had 5 points to split across the four locations in any way they chose. Starting with the golden Waaagh for this first location, the teams took it in turns.
Having discussed with Tosh our strategy we proceeded to place all five of the Necron’s points on Alfrost, Giving Tosh control of a portion for the mining complex.

Mining Complex 

Alfrost’s mines provided a small amount of raw material for the war effort but their true benefit lay in the miles of secret tunnels beneath the ice. The mystery of what those who built the mines had been searching for remained to be answered.
The mining complex also counts as a level 2 Manufactorium
Campaign: If you lose a battle on Alfrost, roll a d6. If the result is 4+ you may retain a single lost Conquest Point.
In-game: You may outflank d3 units on Alfrost.

As a Level 2 Manufactorium this would give a considerable bonus towards taking over the whole planet added with Alfrost’s unique bonus we were sure this was a strong start for us. Planning to dominate and go for the big prize by controlling the whole planet. An added bonus is that the mysterious Crons are clearly up to something as they have Ignored the core targets in the sector.
Following this and with mind towards the story the Orks goal has to be to cause as much havoc as possible. Perhaps rather perfectly I rolled the Grand Warlord trait
Ruiner of Worlds: You will despoil the triumphs of the enemy. At the end of the turn, gain +3 campaign points for every strategic objective held.
The orks grand plan attacking the system is to blind the imperial sensor systems so that a full scale invasion can occur. With this and my grand warlord trait in mind I Placed 3 of my points on Jellico’s watch. Seizing a level one Manufactorium:


As the production centres of the Imperium manufactorums produce everything. With war never far away all manufactorums are easily converted to wartime production, churning out weapons and ammunition in near limitless quantities.
Campaign: At the end of the turn, before points are allocated to a tracker, you may take a conquest point from the unclaimed territory on the planet the manufactorum is located upon. If there is no unclaimed territory remaining you may choose a player to take the point from. This may be done once for each level of manufactorum you control in a location.
In-game: If playing a game on a planet where you control a Manufactorium you may take an additional Elite, Fast Attack or Heavy Support choice on any one force organisation chart (including allies).
Aiming to use games to help me conquer the spaceport which would allow me to use the bonus on other planets.
My last two points where placed on Watch Station 2-4 Alpha, hoping that a good game and the Spaceport buff might allow me to use my Manufactorium here to get the Sensor station.

Sensor Station

Sensor stations are scattered across the Imperium in the thousands, used to monitor for threats they are often found on isolated planetoids with only a small garrison to deter raiders and pirates.
During the wars in the Cruxius Reach these watch stations were the key to locating the Frozen Misery – or keeping it hidden. They also allowed the warring factions to better observe the enemies movements and predict their actions in the war.
Campaign: Sensor stations help follow enemy movements and prepare defences or target week spots. When working out the change in victory points roll a dice for each level of sensor station, if any 6s are rolled you may add or subtract 1 from the resulting change in points.
In-game: A forewarned general can better instruct units and equip them with data relays, enabling them to respond more quickly and surprise incoming reserves. For each level of sensor station controlled one unit can be upgraded to have the Interceptor special rule.
Winning the role The Fang and The Forge got to go second, Harald Deathwolf’s Great company in a similar move to my own place 2 points on Watch Station 2-4 Alpha and 3 on Jellico’s Watch to claim a Manufactorium.
While their Tech priest allies also Claim a Manufactorium on Jellico’s watch for 3 points along with securing Jellico’s gateway for 2 point’s.
Lastly the Winged Fist of the Emperor combines 3 points from the Dark angles 5th company and 3 points for the imperial fists on Alfrost and the fists place 2 points on Jellico’s watch and the Dark Angle place their last points on watch Station 2-4 alpha to complete the campaign set up.
Space wolves fortify their position as they pick up strange sensor readings
 (Challenge game Tosh Vs Lester, Photo by lester)


To encourage games between players that don’t necessarily meet that often, a challenge system has been adopted. Each player at the start of a turn issues a challenge to someone they’ve not yet challenged from another team. The Challenger gets choose what location the battle is on, as well as suggest the point’s value for the game. Challenges are encouraged to be played first before other games though not a strict rule deliberately failing to arrange a game or generally being pants may lead to some form of punishment or forfeit if it becomes an issue.
Entering Turn one the Necrons are fast off the bat issuing a challenge to the Spacewolves on Jellico’s Watch
The Spacewolves Challenge My Orks on Watch station 2-4 Alpha.
While Both the Dark Angels and the Crimson Fists Challenge the Spacewolves on Watch station 2-4 Alpha and Jellico’s Watch respectively.  
The Mechanicus forces challenge The Crimson Fists on Jellico’s watch
And Lastly I challenge the stinky Humans of the Mechanicus also on Jellico’s watch.
Crimson Fists Fortify a location as they refuel and maintain vehicles
 (Game of kill team Paul Vs Lester, photo by Paul) 


With challengers Issued and accepted there has been eight games played so far with the 9th planned for Thursday with me finally managing to play my challenge Vs Dave’s Imperial Guard.
The current state of play shows that the main planet of Jellico’s watch has seen the fiercest fighting; the invaders are clearly gaining ground while the Imperials scrabble for purchase, their own internal struggles clearly weakening the defence of the system.

2-4 Alpha – 7/9

  • Orks – 3 +1 (1 close Victory vs Space Wolves)
  • DAs – 4: +2 (1 Solid Victory Vs Space Wolves)
  • SW – 0: -2 (2 losses)

Jellico’s – 15/15

  • Orks – 6: +3 (+3 crushing victory over Crimson Fists)
  •  SWs – 2: -1 (+3 Crushing Victory Vs Crimson Fists, - 3 Crushing defeat Vs necrons, -1 Kill team Defeat Vs Crimson Fists)
  • Crons – 3: +3 (+3 crushing Victory over Space Wolves)
  •  IG – 2: -1 (-1 crushing defeat to Crimson Fists)
  • CFs – 2: +0 (-1 Crushing Defeat Vs space wolves, +3 Crushing Victory Vs Imperial guard,+1 Kill team win Vs Spacewolves, -3 Crushing defeat to Orks)

Alfrost – 12/12

  • Crons – 8 +3 (+3 Crushing Victory over crimson Fists)
  • CFs – 1: -2 (- 2 Crushing defeat Vs necrons)
  • DAs – 3: +0

Jellico’s gateway – 2

  • IG – 2: +0
    Even with their deffences it was a bad day for the space wolves
     (Challenge game Tosh Vs Lester, Photo by lester)

Closing thoughts

So far there have been some classic games and everyone has had a lot of fun. Once my game Vs Dave is wrapped up Thursday we should be moving on to turn 2 next week with scoring being worked out this weekend. Hopefully it will go well Thursday though there will be a lot of tanks to deal with so we shall have to see.
Tomorrow or Thursday I’ll share my first 5 finished Stormboyz along with some more pictures of Wazzaruck their Nob. Keep your eyes open for more discussions about campaigns as I’ll be talking about the Christmas prequel game day and how that was run, giving some back story to how the alliances for our current game formed and what has led to this point. I also still intend to share more about my posters as well as next week I’ll be playing a game at Games workshop HQ vs GWs very own sculptor Gavin Newton so a celebrity Battle report looms in the future. For now though enjoy your hobby and I hope that I’ve given you some inspiration for your own campaigns.
The Suprise attack on the Crimson fists fails and the last Bloodclaw faces judgment.
 (Game of kill team Paul Vs Lester, photo by Paul)