First Stormboyz done

So as promised here are the shots of my stormboyz unit so far. I have five fully painted along with Wazzarukk the Nob, I have a further 4 assembled in my case so I can use the unit and then thanks to an eBay purchase I have 4 more in bits undercoated ready to paint and the remaining 3 from the ebay lot in a baggy stripped of paint and un-assembled. This allowed me to paint up the last four for the ten Boy unit without the need to proxy anything while I do.

I originally acquired my first 12 Boyz and Wazzarukk as part of the same large eBay batch that the stack of trucks came in. While I do like the new plastic minies they have one flaw in my eyes, stormboyz are meant to be strangely disciplined and regimental for Orks. The new plastics are just to varied to convey that feeling, so I've been scavenging round EBay again recently to bolster my supplies for a full unit of 20 boyz with the added bonus I could have these 6 models finished 4 on the painting forge and still have 4 unpainted ones to play with.

With the disciplined theme in mind I've painted the boyz up in matching colours, unlike my Slugga mob they all have black boots, read trousers and a kommando khaki top. In addition I've painted all weapon glyphs with simple green and red chevrons and each of the boyz has a stormboy glyph on the frount of the fule tank.
To denopte that they are all in Wazzaruk's unit they all have his rokkitpack Glyph on their helmets (Wazza - the glyph for speed)
So I things don't get boring each model has a different Rokkit Pack Glyph on the rokkit's cone, I kinnda think of this as the call sign for the boyz though no doubt they just inherited the sign from the last boy to us the pack.

My favoutie of these is the Shark face boy and it certainly made finish off the models more intresting, I think haveing something to look forward to when batch painting realy helps move things along. For me chosing what Glyphs I'm going to use is that part on most of my Orks, but for the storm boys since all the helment Glyphs, weapon Glyphs and the boot on the fule tank is the same having the large nose cone details to do helped me finish them
I've got eight more Stormboyz on the way from ebay, but part of the regimented feel I wanted means I want them all to have the same helmet. Sadly of the last 4 only one had the original metal helmet and of the new eight there is only 3/4 of them. That will bring me up to 17 with and eight without so I'm thinking I'll raid my plastic spares at some point and have a second unit with different helmets. It would be nice to be able to field two full size units in Apocalypse or even once I've enough boyz to have 100 boyz and 40 Stormboyz in 1500pts for a true green tide. 

With Easter weekend I may not get much posted, but next week I'll bring you my battle report against Dave's Imperial Guard that I'm playing tonight. for now though it's lunch time...