Big Gunz

With the changes to artillery in 6th I recon a unit of Big Gunzs is so good. With the ablative wounds of up to 12 grots, 2 wounds on each gun and a runtherd that’s a ridiculous number of T7 wounds. In big “guns never tire” I would actually bother to have objectives close to my back field for these guys to look after.
I’ve had a pair of semi scratch built Zapgunz around for a while and I picked up a box of Grot over the weekend to boost my crew and get the runtherd. But to be honest with the flexibility of the Basic kannon why whould you swap it for ether of the other two options?
So last night I found some time to sit down at the painting forge and Mek it up.

While technically outside of the base 1000 points I want painted I’m very tempted to adjust my list to fit these in, giving me some access to some ranged anti vehicle is something I think I desperately need. And while the Zapgunz are fun I think they are just too random for the points when you can get Kannonz that have the added bonus of frag for anti-infantry.
I’ve stolen the chassis from the zapgunz and improved on them, originally just the sentinel ‘hips’ with wheels I’ve extended the axle with bamboo sticks and used some leftovers from my big old bag of bits left over from my previous kit bashes. The new Kannonz come from some Robogear kits I picked up once for about £3.50 each with some minor mods as one of them used to be a harpoon.
So with two down I want a full batch and I have an old epic mega Gargant gun to use but the issue is that I only had two sentinel hips kicking around and I’m not exactly sure what happened to the third one. So I’ve got a stack of bitz to start with and will have to see what I can come up with.

I’ve also been looking at lobbas. They are intriguing but the more I think about it the more I wonder if they are worth it, 5pts more for +1 strength on the template an indirect shooting, but losing out on the st8 Shot. If the template was a large blast then I would defiantly consider them but I’m not sure they are worth the effort. A shame as I have a stack of bits that I think would make a cool powered trebuchet though the more I look at them I’m thinking Deathkopter parts may be more fun.

Hopefully I’ll have the last kannon assembled tonight then I’m away this weekend so I expect my next post wont be till Wednesday next week. Till then have fun and good luck till then.