Heldrakes with Magnets and Storm boyz

Work has been crazy busy this last week and a half so I've not had chance to do anything or prepare nice new posts. so while I'm getting a lunch break I though I'd share whats sitting on the paint forge at the moment.

First Up is my Heldrake. I'm planning on using him as part of an allied detachment for my Orks at some point. However ever since I got him there has been two nagging issues,
a) Weapon swaps,
b) The big holes in the back for the engines. Which I'll talk about another day.

For Issue a) even though the internetz tells me that the flamer is the only option, I do like the Idea of 4 strength 8 shots for anti-flyer and tank, now that the drake has 360 arch of fires it makes the Hades Autocannon even better as you can fly over something, vector strike and then shoot it in the Arse if it’s still alive or chose something else.
What better solution than to magnetise it, but how to go about it, the simple option is to just magnetise the two halves of the head for me that’s not an option the seam line is truly ugly and to obvious right on the forehead. So looking closer at the model the jaw line struck me as the next best thing.

a magnet in the roof and base of the mouth and two in each gun option and Job done looking good.
To finish it off it just needs magnets beween the back of the gun options and the neck.

Also on the painting forge are my first 5 Storm Boyz and Nob. I have a game lined up for the Frozen Vengence campaign on Monday evening so I hope to get some work done on these guys this weekend even if it’s just finishing the Nob and getting to the point I can glue the Boyz back together.

Hopefuly I'll finaly have the ebay lots up tonight assuming I get to leave work early as planned but till then thats it for now.