Frozen Vengeance opening game Orks vs space wolves 1000 pts- part 2

Yesterday saw me post up the Set up and Prologue for my first game of our Frozen Vengeance Campaign I went into this game relatively confident as I thought I had a counter to anything the Wolves had so today I’ll post up the battle report and you can see if I was right.

Turn one

The game started with the drop pod landing on target behind the large hill and the dreadnought clambered out and up the hill alongside the wolf pack. Not wanting to risk dangerous terrain tests the Thunderwolves flanked the pack along the base of the hill heading towards the Orks opposite.
On the Wolves other flank the rhino moved up to hide behind the crashed spaceship.
During the shooting phase nothing much happened and the Orks survived unscathed.
In response the Orks surged forward, the buggies moving round to draw line of sight to the Rhino with the shoota boys trotting up behind. In the middle the Kans and Dread march forward with Gargshuv Mek’gubbinz and the stormboyz trudging behind. On the right flank the Sluggas move up to take potshots at the wolves ready for some thumping next turn.
With a roar of DAKKA the ork’s open fire, the warbuggies scored two hits on the Rhino penetrating once and with a lucky role the mobile coffin exploded killing 2 marines. With juicy targets the shootas open fire, felling more of the grey hunters who are now pinned in a crater.
In the middle the wall of clanking walkers open up on the Thunderwolves hoping to soften them up for the stormboyz but only causing one wound from 4 big shootas.
The sluggas then open up with a few pistols and the big shootas at the Wolf Pack gunning down enough for a break test which they promptly fail even with a re-roll and run towards the table edge.
The stomboyz pressed the launch buttons on their rokitpaks blasting off, high over the mechanical walkers crashing down into the Thunderwolf cavalry, hammer of wrath attacks bouncing off harmlessly. Revving chainswords the space marines cut down two of the Orks who in return drag down the unwounded storm shield bearer. With a Crackle of power fields and roars of battle lust the Space wolf with a Thunderhammer swings at the Ork mob but fails to drop and of the green skins while the Ork Nob battered the shield of the wounded Spacewolf overpowering it on the last of 3 wounds and dragged the rider from his wolf. The lone rider having lost combat 2 vs. 3 holds and the Orks pile in.

Turn 2

The Space Wolves turn is fairly uneventful, The Blood claws failed to arrive and Wolves flee the table so the Dread moved up and flamed 4 Boyz and evaporating a 5th with its multimelta. The pined Grey hunters snapshot at the sluggas but don’t do anything. In combat both sides failed to do much and it continues for another turn.
During the Ork turn the Dakkajet arrived lining up on the Grey hunters while the rest of the army moved up with the shoota boys taking position on the objective in the rocks. Combined fire of the few Shoota boyz that can see, warbuggies, Dakkajet and Deff dread dropped more grey hunters but the Space Wolves hold. The kans charge the dread and one lost its close combat weapon to a lucky Multimelta overwatch. The Sluggas charge in to join the fun.
During combat the Thunderwolf is finally beaten down by the Ork nob and the Dread didn’t fare much better though it takes some Orks with it as it exploded as well as destroying the damaged Kan and removing a HP from the other.
The Orks consolidate eager to finish off the marines.

Turn 3

Despite the now desperate situation the Blood Claws and Wolf Priest still don’t arrive so it’s down to the remaining Grey hunters to make a stand. Moving around a bit to try and keep out of the shoota Boyz line of sight they open fire on the Stormboyz killing a couple.
With just the grey hunters and the Drop pod on the board the Orks see chance to table the Wolves. The Kan heads towards the pod and the Sluggas move up to the objective as they probably can’t reach this turn. Everything else moves to surround the Grey hunters to seal their fate.
Shooting, and when the smoke clears only the two Grey hunter melta gunners survived, they are then quickly dispatched by the stormboyz in combat.
The Kan charges the Pod but fails to get the required 3 hull points to end the game.

Turn four

The blood claws finally arrive on the right flank. Taking potshots at the Sluggers they thin the Orks numbers a little.
In return nearly all the Orks head towards the new threat, except for the Dakka jet that can’t avoid flying off the table and the Shootas tasked with holding the objective.

Ork shooting is limited by the big hill and one grey hunter Dies and the Buggies wreck the Pod. Avoiding having to receive a charge the Orks and lone Kan charge in, a challenge is issued and accepted. The wolf priest batters Grubgul to the floor and the Marine recruits focus on the greenskins wiping the unit out. The Kan fails to do much by missing a lot and the Wolf Yougling pile into the metal beast.

Turn five

The Wolf Priest Batters the Kan and the unit consolidates up the hill.
For the Orks things are no longer looking as good. The dakkajet returns andnearly everything moves to intercept the Bloodclaws, the Mek legs it away fearing getting shot while isolated and the Shootas keep hold of the objective.
With 18 shots from the Dakkajet a measly two blood claws fall and the remaining shooting only thins their numbers a little more and with nothing better to do than get charged the Stormboyz rocket in to little effect. The Wolf priest claims its third trophy of the game in the challenge and the Young Wolves deal comfortably with the three Stormboyz.
The role for another turn reveals the end of the game 3 Vps (1 objective) to the wolves and 4 to the Orks (firstblood, 1 objective) for a narrow victory to the Orks.


Grubgul rolled over and pain shot up his left hand side, feeling about with his right hand he heard the grinding of bone. Ribs, who really needs them anyway? Not like he hadn’t had worse in his time. Grasping round he found Runt Basha his trusty Boss Axe and used it to push himself to his feet.
Looking round he saw movement at the side of the hill some battered looking stormboyz were digging a twitching figure out a pile of rocks, a familiar looking Skull embellished Hammer Dent on the large rokitpack implied that Wazzarukk had met the same Skull faced Beaky boy and hadn’t fared much better, the detonation of his rokitpack embedding him head first into a nearby cliff face. Still the sound of Ork voices and clanking of machinery, revving of trucks and things told Grubgul the day must have been a good one for the Orks so he started about kicking and beating the bodies that lay round him to see who was still alive and who was going to help his pouch of teeth out and maybe even both.
Over the next few days it became apparent that whatever technology and gubbinz the Mek had salvaged would come in handy. Engines and ship parts helped the Orks spread and reach the space wolf lines in several places across the planet. It was only the reports and scan data from the surviving Blood Claws that prevented these attacks from being disastrous as the Orks made a number of gains, seizing territory from the Space Wolf forces.


It was an interesting game and I think I played well making a number of good decisions and sticking to plans.
Letting the wolves deploy and go first meant I could use the stormboyz to tackle the Thunderwolf cavalry turn one and the wolf pack was in range of the slugger mob that chased them off with shooting. The only problem with this part was that the cavalry refused to die quick enough as it would have been nice to have finished them in the second round of combat, can’t complain really.
I was lucky though to take the Rhino out and pin the grey hunters with one round of shooting from the buggies. If I hadn’t it would have been a whole lot messier depending which way they went to play.
From then it was more about mopping up which the Kan let me down by not taking out the drop pod with its 3 strength 10 attacks but nothing else was close enough to help and if I’d sent the Stormboyz that way it would have left the two grey hunters instead.
I think Lester made several mistakes that could have made a big difference. Bringing the dread down by the shoota boys and burning them would have made a big difference forcing me to make tough tactical decision and probably saving the Grey Hunters. Even then I would probably have used the reroll for outflank to get the Blood claws there even with the shooting they can kick out I doubt the shootas could have taken the Bloodclaws who with a scoring wolf priest could likely have taken both the objectives on that side of the table for the win.  

Ork Unit of the match.

I recon it’s got to be the Stormboyz my god they are quick. Not sure my rolling is doing them justice as they seem to do less damage than I would expect but still they did what they needed to do and locked up a dangerous unit early and still when on to kill more. The Buggies also deserve a mention, trashing the Rhino, Killing a handful of marines and finishing the Pod they deffinatly made their points up.

Ork WTF unit

Deff dread probably or Dakkajet both didn't do much the Dakka jet failed to kill any of the grey hunters on its first run and only two blood claws on the second even with a Waagh to boost it. The Deff dread just pottered round though maybe they both did more than the Big Mek.

Space wolf Man of the match

Wolf Priest for me as he took out two nobs and a killa kan, though the Blood claws come a close second as they brutally scythed down the Ork Boyz before they did anything.

Space Wolf WTF unit

The wolf pack, lost a couple and ran away nuff said.

What's next

Thanks for reading, I'll be talking more soon about the Frozen Vengeance Campaign and how it’s going, along with the ideas behind the design soon as the map is finished.
I’ve also been busy writing up history for my Orks and you may have noticed I’ve named the characters in my force so expect to see that in the coming weeks.
More painting - I had to proxy the Stormboy nob and two of his ladz since they and three others are in bitz being painted. I also managed before the game to paint up the Deffdred and it’s nearly finished so I’ll show it off soon.
Lastly I still need to share the collection I’ve built up of posters for terrain, so keep your eyes peeled.