Frozen Vengeance opening game Orks vs space wolves 1000 pts- part 1 Deployment

I Played my first game for our frozen vengeance campaign on Monday evening and took a few photos. Lighting was not that great so I don’t have the same level of photos as the last report. But it was a fun game and interesting to play against a new army.

Both of us are building lists and armies to match a theme more than for competitive edge along with choosing stuff we like, no doubt people will disagree with many of our choices but since we’re both doing it it’s not such an issue.
As lighting was poor I only bothered with one overhead shot just after deployment sorry it’s not very good but it at least gives an idea of terrain layout.


The game was Crusade (5 objectives) with Vangaurd strike deployment. From left to right the five objectives where placed as follows.
  • Ontop of the small hill
  • Between the rock pillers
  • On the ork side of the crashed spaceship
  • On the first level of the structure
  • On the big hill
 We did roll for mysterious objectives through the game as they we're revealed but they didn;t effect the game.

I won the roll off to go first but elected to give it to the space wolves as I didn’t expect much first turn shooting and wanted them to a) come closer and b) see what I’m facing before I have to deploy.

Space Wolves – From memory

10 Grey Hunters in Rhino with 2 Melta Guns
Pack of wolves
3 Thunderwolf Cavalry 2 w 2 storm shields and one with a thunderhammer


Wolf Priest – Scoring unit warlord trait
Pack of blood claws with flamer
Dreadnought with flamer and multi melta in a drop pod


Big Mek – Burner, Kombi Skorcha, Eavy armour, Cybork Body – move through cover warlord trait
20 Sluggas – Stik bomz, 2 big shootas, Nob w power Klaw
20 Shoota Boyz – Stik bomz, 2 big shootas, Nob w power Klaw
3 war buggies – Twin Rokits
10 storm Boyz – Nob, Klaw, eavy armour, Boss bole
2 kans – Big shootas
Deff dread – Big shootas


Dakkajet – extra Supa Shootas, Fighta Ace


Grubgrul Runtsmasha trudged across the wasteland sparse vegetation struggled to grow and craters dotted the landscape. The thin atmosphere didn’t really bother him though some of his ladz looked a little pale from the effort of the search the lack of good sunlight didn’t help. Oh well runty weeds will die if there not strong enough and they’ll stop wasting his time.
Over to his left the clanking of machinery and intermittent roar of rokit packs shattered the predawn silence, and a dull glow over the horizon implied the coming of another weak day.
Grubgrul snorted he was getting sick of these patrols but Dakka jets had reported a smashed up ship in the area and the mek had insisted that they go and scavenge it for gubbinz. Still, every now and then one of Wazzarukk’s ladz would go careening out of control as their jet packs ignited for no good reason and then exploded as they landed. Was worth a good laugh already two of the Stormboyz had met a messy end to the jeers and catcall of the slugga and shoota boyz. Grubgul hoped that he might get to see it happen again to Wazzarukk as the image of the first time still made him chuckle.
To his left the noise level dropped suddenly and Gargshuv the Mek was gesturing frantically towards a pair of small hills some distance away. Waving one of his tools frantically he signalled to the nobz that the smaller hill was his target. The force pause as the three nobz ran to meet up in the middle.
As Grubgul reached the group the mek was pointing frantically at a stack of rocks “Slug take your ladz and get dem to hold da roks an make sure nuffi’g is by dat runty hill.” Nodding the Shoota nob legged it back to his ladz while the Mek turned to Grubgul and pointed at the larger of the hills “right you an your boyz is gunna go take dat dere lump, da Dakkajet says hez seein smoke and a hurd of woof woofs heading this way so we’z gunna smakem ana take da gubbinz.”
Grubgul ran back to his lads and bellowed orders, the mass of green skins had spread out and where about to move when something dropped out of the sky on the other side of the hill and the sound of wolf howls and barks filed the air. “RIGHT LADZ YA LOUSY SKUM, GET A SHIFT ON WEZ GOT SOME DUFFIN TA DO”.