E-Bay, finally up

The E-Bay auctions are finally up. I can't wait to clear these out and get moving with new projects, much as I'm really happy with how these look I'm excited to move on and produce something new. for now I'm giving a quick round up of the auctions and articles concerning them.

E-Bay selling list

List of all the Items currently for sale on ebay.

Terrain Materials.

Explains how these buildings were made and improved along with pictures of:
Two part Manufactorium 
Small Ruin
Quarantined Hab block

Administratum Blocks

I talk a bit about my approach to terrain buildinand ways to get the best from it along with pictures of:
Three story Administratum Block
Administratum Block

Habitartus Block

I talk  about telling a story with terrain and the details you apply to it along with pictures of:
Hab block

Manufactorium, Paper Mache Hill and Orks

I Show off my first complete peice of terrain for E-Bay and also a hill and my first Ork unit with plenty of pictures of the:
Large Manufactorium