Deff Dread Finished

Last night I finished painting up my scratch built Deff Dread, “Da Krab” Armed with 2 big shooters and big snippy claws this four legged clanking behemoth is ready for war, hopefully doing more than it’s somewhat unimpressive plod round the board last game Vs the space wolves I’ll be testing it out again Vs Dan’s Eldar on Thursday as we play more games where the Eldar are desperately trying to stop the Mek from realising his dream on Roxon 4.

Today I show off the dread and take a look at Gargshuv’s obsession with walkers and a hint of things to come.

“Da Krab” is one of Gargshuv’s earliest and favourite creations and has been repaired and bolted back together several times from its initial creation back in the mines on Roxon 4.

Gargshuv Mek’gubbinz never has a problem finding volunteers to pilot his contraptions though most of the time they don’t realise quite how involved the “pilot training” is until it’s too late. Fortunately for Gargshuv the complex lobotomy and data storage devices installed in his creations mean that when a new pilot is installed that they quickly take on the old memories and personality of the machine, even if this fails as it does from time to time most of the witless victims don’t usually last much beyond the first battle or two and are reduced the scrap long before the thrill of being a big metal stompy thing wears off.

Gargshuv has a dubious obsession with great stomping walkers, many might hazard a guess that this stems from the situation of his early years and the lack of good chassis for trucks and things with wheals. Fortunately for Warboss Ironside He has plenty of Meks that can knock out Battle Wagons and trucks by the score and Gargshuv’s skill with walkers is second to none in the Waaagh and all of Gargshuv’s experimentation and half built projects are leading up to something massive that will truly represent the might of Gork or possibly Mork. On Roxon 4 this dream was almost realised but the trickery of the Eldar stood in the way but not before an image, a truly magnificent dream had firmly implanted its self in Gargsuv’s mind.

Back when I first started collecting Orks I scratch built a load of vehicles from a large E-Bay lot. The lot included plenty of Gorkamorka Truks and Traks, 3 partially converted looted sentinels and loads of other spares. 
Hacking up the Truks supplied many of the engines and larger section of plating which I combined with spares from some train set scenery and the sentinels to cobble together a collection of support vehicles. From the stack of bitz I created my 3 war buggies, a killa kan and “Da Krab” from scratch and found enough spares to patch up the Metal Kan that was scavenged from a GW bitz box and inspired me to start my orks in the first place.

With the Deff Dread Finished I now have just under 300 points painted, next Up on the painting forge is the Stormboyz Nob and his first 5 boyz. I would like to get a move on with them ready for use against Dave in the frozen Vengeance game next week and once the whole unit of 10 is painted I plan to finish my Dakkajet as a reward. For now though, that’s it and thanks for reading.