New year and new Blog

So New Year and time to work on many shiny things.

Last year saw me buying lots of Games Workshop's new releases along with some older stuff and promptly failing to do much with any of them and often failing to get them assembled and painted ready for the battle field which ahs left me feeling a bit fed up with my self at times.

Not all bad, I built my warriors of chaos army up to 3000 points but didn't really paint any of it, got some games in and even won a couple.

Got a good friend back into the hobby and have had some fun games of combat patrol.

I did get quite a lot of work done on my Tyranids including scratch building a 750pts battle fleet gothic fleet with a start made on the next 750 pts. Scratch built a Hierodule that when finished will be magnetised to switch between barbed or scythed, and added a Tervigon (painted), Tyranofex (painted) and swarm lord (base coated). I even won a few games with them.

Made a start on my Necromaunda/city fight terrain including a new tower thing (well on its way) and some plastic section walkways and platforms Necromunda stile (Usable).

You know what, after listing what I've done it's not so bad I think I actualy did a fair amount.

With the new Chaos codex I've started thinking about fielding my chaos army, and promptly advanced ordered it and a Hell drake. Along with my Dakka Plane thats two flyers I have purchased this year and not yet finished to use on the table top. A trend that sadly carries on in other areas of the hobby with an imperial sector sitting on my desk in the loft opened looked at and yet to be used. 

I'm not normally one to make New Year’s resolutions but this year is different.

I shall resist buying stuff till I've made some progress towards my current armies and painting goals:

-          1000 points painted and table top ready Ork army using only models I own.

-          Make a dent in the piles of half built terrain stored in the loft.

-          Run along with Lester the Frozen Vengeance campaign for 40k based on the crusade of fire book. 

That’s it for now I’ll take a look at the three goals in more detail tomorrow.