Orks Vs Eldar 750pts battle report Part 3 the game begins

Over the past two days I've been slowly revealing my first battle report, today sees me finish the maps to share turn one and two of the battle. 

Ork turn 1

Hmm well that'll teach me to write my opening thoughts instead of paying attention. The Pansies have basically hidden behind the hill so my plan to send the buggies after the Bikes has gone out of the window as in his deliberation Dan has moved them back.
So the advance begins, the Stormboyz move up to hide behind the building and the buggies move round the side to start there flanking move.
The Slugga mob gets a measly 3 for Move through cover and wander forward,  on my left flank the Kans move up along side the Shoota Boyz with the Mek in his usual position hiding behind a Kan.
Thanks to the Pansy deployment not as much in range as I would like. The Dire avengers are the only thing in range of the buggies and 1 explodes into a red mist and the big shooters from the sluggers just miss. 
Now 4 big shooters open up at the war walkers, 12 shoots and only one measly hull point off a Warwalker but I guess thinking about it it's just average.
All in all not what I was hoping for, one more hull point would have been nice, still early days.

 Eldar 1

The Farseer starts the turn off by Guiding the War Walkers and giving the Dire Avengers a helping hand with fortune.
The Bikes Move up so the shuriken cannon can draw a bead, and the Warp Spiders keep back safe ready to pounce later.
The DIre Avengers move up ready to confront the Orks.
In the shooting phase the Dire Avengers run forward to ensure there in a good position next turn along with the warpspiders and Farseer to get into position. The bikes Cannon lets rip taking a hull point off the front Warbuggy.
Then the pain really begins, Warwalkers open up with 24 shoots, causing 18 wounds but with some luck the Orks make 8 cover saves and the front 10 get misted including the big shootas.
No longer fearless the Orks pass their LD 10 and hold.
The Bikes dart back onto the hill in the assault phase.

Ork 2

OMG ouch, that was painful half a squad dead in one go and both big shootas gone, note to self keep them nearer back of the unit in future.
The Orks begin to move again but with another 3 on the difficult terrain test for the sluggers I quickly realise their not going to get anywhere quickly and so move them back to camp the objective and cover the back field if the bikes try to break though.
The Stormboyz leap 12" going over the building (note: as the first time I've used them I really should have re-read the codex entry, but I didn't and forgot the +d6)
Everything else rocks up trying to close the gap.
Starting the shooting phase I measure the charge distance for the Stormboyz it's eight inches, but with Warwalkers lining up the guns I need those boyz in combat so WAAAAAGHHHH!!!
Both the Big Shootas from the Sluggas open up, and manage to kill one biker, luck has it that it's the warlock that's closest.
The buggies draw a bead on the Warwalkers but fail to do anything. damn and to add insult to injury the Kans hit 5 times then totally fluff the pen rolls with three 1s a 2 and a 3. Drat thats going to cost me just taking the damaged one down would have taken the heat off.
Never mind Assault time now, WAAAAGHHH!!! Stormboyz charge the Dire Avengers who seeing their death approaching declare BLADESTORM and open fire, culling the front most Ork and puting a wound on the Knob.  Rolling for charge range and a 4 and 1 is rolled but thanks fleet of foot from the  Waaagh the 1 can be rerolled for a 4 and the Nob just makes it in.
The Nob then Challenges the Exarch who accepts. The Exarch fluffs his attacks and the rest of the Dire Avengers drop a single Boy before the Nob Crumps the Exarch with a single wound, The rest of the boyz then roll and from 28 attacks only 3 wound and 2 saves are failed. Losing combat by 2 the Eldar hold so the Stormboyz are safe for the Eldar turn 

Eldar 2

Again casting guide on the Warwalkers the Farseer also fortunes them as they are taking a fair amount of heat as the Dire Avengers are a lost cause.
The bikes move down to take the space in the middle, while the Warp Spiders Begin to make their move by jumping onto the hill.
Moving into the shooting phase the Warp Spiders open up on the buggies ripping off 3 hull points trashing the closest and finishing off the damaged one.
The Warwalkers set there sights on the clanking monsters that threatened to Dakka them down last turn, Showing the crude machiens how it's done 24 shots shred the 2 kans with 4 glances and 2 penetrating hits blowing up one and wrecking the other,  Shards of shrapnel bounce harmlessly off the Mek as his creations vanish in front of his eyes.
With the Kans gone and the buggies less of a threat the Jetbikes eye up options , Considering turbo boosting the presence of the Sluggas put's them off so instead they open up on the Shoota Boyz but only kill one.
With shooting finished the bike dart back out of the danger zone. 
The Combat continues between the Stormboyz and the Dire Avengers and the Eldar swiftly slay one of the Greenskins. In return the Boyz swing out with 21 attacks and kill just 3 of the Pansy Eldar even without fortune, the nob lays in but only kills one crushing it with a twist of his power klaw. Loseing the combat by three the Eldar aspect warriors grit their teeth and hold, selling their lives to buy time for the rest of the Eldar to keep the heat on the Orks.
Well that was a vicious turn. worst of all the Dire Avengers held out, the stormboyz and most importantly the Power Klaw Nob are locked in combat and won't be stomping down the Warwalkers. I need to rethink, by next time I'll have the Report complete as the Orks push on.