Orks Vs Eldar 750pts battle report Part 2 Deployment Set up

Yesterday saw me posting up the first part of the 750pt game I played Thursday night so today having sorted out some map symbols and prepared the deployment map, read on to find out what happens next. 

Winning the roll off of deployment I must confess that  it didn't occur to me to let Dan choose table end and set up first. so after much deliberation I don't think there was much in it I opted to take the end without a big hill as I wanted cover early on and the base of the hill was somewhat sparse.

we then proceeded to deploy objective markers starting in the middle of the board and then when realising there was no space in no-man's-land for more than two we then placed the remainder of our markers in our own deployment zones, we then reveal the values.

Orks Opening thoughts

As Dan set up his Eldar I quickly type something up not paying full attention to his deployment as I do.

I have a huge numbers advantage but a long slog ahead. I honestly have no real idea of how to approach this game, there is nothing I don’t want to try and kill early bar maybe the dire avengers as they have a more limited range and can wait till turn two

As long as the Eldar don’t seize I think try and hurt as much as I can asap and see what happens as the smoke clears in the lead in to turn 2 maybe targeting the Bikes with the rokets before cover shenanigans and the walkers with as many big shootas as I can while warbuggies head into position to swing round the flank.

Eldar Opening Thoughts

Once deployed I got Dan to jot down his thoughts before the roll to seize

That is a LOT of Orks. I’m boned.

The plan is to hang back, let the walkers do the heavy lifting and focus each green-skin squad down as they roll forwards. The spiders are teaming up with the bikes and are going to get behind them and pick juicy targets. I’m suddenly less keen on this hill and suspect that sticking to more traditional Eldar pursuits such as flower picking may have been wise.

Still to come

Dan fails to seize the initiative and we begin the game, soon as I've got the turn maps ready I'll get the next stage typed up, just a few Icons to work out and then get onto the maps and then it should be plain sailing.
Still who do you think will win and by how much?