Orks Vs Eldar 750pts battle report Part 1 Set up


Last night I played a grudge match between my Orks and my mates Eldar. Having been out of the hobby for many years Dan (my mate) and I (also called Dan) will be battling it out in the third of our Games against each other.


The first two where both
combat patrol at 450pts, game one the Eldar where Crushed, game two the Orks where tabled. Though crushing vicories in each they were both epic games dispite the size.
Now more used to the rules we’re upping the ante to 750 pts for a bit more variety and to try out some new units we’ve not used before.
Note: I keep desovering mistakes we made with reguard to rules. so oops, never mind if you spot them great. We had fun and don't realy care but any feed back will make things smother next time.
This is the first part out of 4. For the rest of the report follow the links
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

So on with the lists




Warlord traits

Orks – Target Priority
Eldar – Intimidating Presence

The Game

The scouring, Hammer and Anvil

Terrain was set up in a manor pleasing to our aesthetics before rolling mission or anything.

All ready we roll for deployment and the Orks win the roll.

Later today I'll get the deployment and initial thoughs posted up ready to move on to turn 1. But before you see what we did why not leave some ideas of what you think may happen.