Manufactorium, Paper Mache Hill and Orks

With the battle report finished Last night I set to work on the first of my goals - Finish the terrain spruce up ready for Ebay and painted up the aging and damage on the posters for the large Manufactorium.

I’ve also taken this as a good platform to show off my Ork Slugga Boyz unit I finished before the game last week along with the Paper Mache hill I finished up the night before.
Over the next week or two I’ll post up my progress with the city ruins I’ll be ebaying once finished. Today sees the large Manufactorium all spruced up and ready to go, occupied by Grubgrul Runtsmasha and his ladz. 

Manufactorium Full of Orks
Grubgrul RuntSmasha


The large building was made from polystyrene packaging, sealed and coated with sand to for a tough shell. I’ve used it many times over the years, but I don’t think it will be an easy job to mix in the imperial sector components that I have. Also Being quite large I would like the space for more modular terrain.
It’s a shame to let it go as it’s a cool piece of terrain. It always remined my of a WW2 story where a tank factory in Russia would build a tank and drive it out the front door. It would fire a few rounds before being hit, they would then drag it back in and repair before sending it out again. Rinse and repeat.
Over the years the large windows and three stories have housed snipers, heavy weapons teams and all sorts, raining death down upon their foes from relative safety. But until now has been quite plain. So I added a couple of notice boards, one on the outside. 
And two inside, all with ‘Encouraging’ imperial slogans and details of factory stats and figures, along with the Manufatorium Signs and Grox meat advert.
The internet is a great resource, there are hundreds of historical posters ideal for 40k with only a few simple modifications and slogans, along with many that other hobbyists have made. In a future Post I’ll talk about my own creations and supply links to other peoples work along with my PDF sheet of the many I’ve assembled.
All in all I’m very happy with how these touches have turned out and think that it has made an excellent test bed for techniques I’ll use on it replacements.

Paper Mache

As for new techniques, over the New Year there was a discussion about the use of Paper Mache on The Tyranid Hive, and I promised to show off some of my results.
After nearly two years of sitting in the loft I’ve finally finished painting up a the two hills I made as a test piece. I had a bucket of mush made up for something else, using a new recipes I found online, and wanted to see how good it was for terrain. With the battle report game it pushed me to finish the hill as I was painting up the last of my boyz unit (Just need to base them now).
I personally have a lot of time for the medium if used properly and following some basic guidelines Paper Mache is an excellent material I'm still using nearly 20 year old hills made with it and have also made armour for a live action role-play out if it. Two years back while researching how I would make the armour I found a number of new recipes to try out and the armour in my profile pic and this hill have been the results.

I’ll talk more about Paper Mache at a later date and include some tutorials and hints once I find the time to play with it some more and get some WIP pictures but for now that’s it for today.


  1. Only a tiny comment, but while the hill was obviously a great looking terrain piece, I couldn't believe how tough it was when we played on it last week. Certainly not an item you need to be gentle with or worry about wearing apart after a few years of table abuse!


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