Habitartus Block

Last week was quite busy with work so my posts fell off. However I’ve not been totally inactive and have completed the second of my goals. This weekend gone I finished the renovations of the old terrain I’m clearing out and using as a test for things to come.
Today I’m looking at the first of my finished Hab Blocks, and the story it tells.

I love the idea of telling stories with terrain, ever since I created my first posters and signs the idea of using them to give clues as to why the world is in ruins exited me and for this Hab block I’ve experimented with the idea. On the outside it looks like a normal ruin but taking a deeper look the posters tell a bit of a tail, from a distance many of them look like normal Imperial propaganda and adverts.
But take a closer look and you find calls for mutants to step up, Heretical Graffiti and posters calling citizens to rise up shows that this world has been slowly corrupted by chaos.
But the outside give’s little hint as to what occurred within, something horrible has clearly happened here.
The decapitated skeletons and blasphemous symbols drawn in dried blood speak of dark acts and a hideous slaughter, carried out in the name of the blood god, no wonder this city is such a ruin as the Dark Powers stalk the streets.
I’m very happy with how this has turned out and later this week or early next I’ll go into more depth as to the posters I used. I'll give links to their creators and talk about the one I’ve made and I may even supply the PDF I created with all the posters I’ve collected and made. I may well save that for later along with a tutorial, will have to see about time.
First however I’ll be following on from this with the rest of the completed terrain pieces during this week before they get put on ebay.

Disclaimer Note:
I claim no copyright over any of the posters used, many of them have been sourced from Kind people sharing their work and others are historical, many of the images in my humble creations have been sourced through similar means and I have no copy right over them. I will give credit to all of my sources in a single post with links. Thank you